I hope you haven’t been holding your horses this whole time…

13 07 2008

Ok, let’s add one more thing to the list of things I forget (wet laundry in the washer, my son’s name (only once! and I’d only had him for like, two days!), the reason I walked into the room… etc.): announcing the winner of my pay it forward! Duh! Misty of Our House, come on down! YOU are the next contestant in the Pay it Forward loop that just won’t end!

Speaking of Pay it Forward loops that just won’t end… I won a Pay it Forward contest, too! I won Bethtastic’s contest, and since she is waaay more on top of things than me (Misty, I still plan to have your package in the mail Monday, pinky swear!), I got her prize in the mail yesterday, and just LOOK at the fun things she sent me!

-a card (featuring the recipe for a Cosmopolitan) (you can’t tell from the pic but the glass, the stirrer, the olives, they punch out! how cute!)

-a cute little book for the boys

-a set of notecards and a journal, both cute

-adorable little felt elephant frames (my second favorite things in the package)

-a big ol’ bag of some of the awesomest chocolates EVER (my first favorite thing in the package) (obviously)

I knew Beth was planning on mailing chocolate, and I’d been a little worried about how they would hold up. (My fear stems from the fact that I mailed a bag of chocolate-covered banana chips to Jeff a couple of weeks ago; this is what they looked like upon arrival:

(Hard to tell from the pic, but it is one solid block of melted and rehardened chocolate. Ew.)

A very justifiable fear, wouldn’t you agree?) But not to worry, Beth- only a few were melty, and I stuck ’em in the fridge and they were fine. I am not ashamed to say, though, that even if they’d been a big melty mess, I still would have eaten them. They are THAT good. (I am also not ashamed to say that I may or may not have licked one of the wrappers.) (Maybe.)

Thank you, Beth!

So, of course, since I won, I am now in debt and must forwardly pay it once again. I think I’ll wait awhile, though, since I’m still trying to focus on the first PIF.



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13 07 2008
Ethan's Oma

My, my, my….Caley, just last week you ate a piece of pizza that fell on the floor !!! And now, you are caught licking the wrapper on some candy ? What’s next ?!?

14 07 2008

Yay! Nice giftie! I love the elephant frames too!

One thing you could do is pick a second winner from your first contest. Then you could do both prizes simultaneously.

15 07 2008

YAY!! I’m glad the chocolates weren’t a mess. I was hoping the individual wrappers would help. πŸ˜€


15 07 2008

I am so thrilled! Yay! (Also, take your time. I am in no rush.) πŸ˜‰

15 07 2008

Wow, now I REALLY feel slow and lazy–I just mailed the prize from Swistle’s first contest today, and you’re already on round two.

I endeavor to do better next time I’m part of a PIF (spoken like a true delusional procrastinator)


15 07 2008

Very cool! Beth is a friend of mine and she’s great at picking out cool stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

5 11 2008
bethtastic.com » Blog Archive » SHE GOT IT!!

[…] Caley received my pay-it-forward prize, and posted a pic of it on her website: https://caleyadams.wordpress.com/2008/07/13/i-hope-you-havent-been-holding-your-horses-this-whole-tim… […]

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