This bedroom has an oven in it!

5 07 2008

Yesterday was the fourth of July. This is how I know that my holiday was as good as it could have been:

-Just before leaving this afternoon, I had to wrestle my son into his Old Navy flag tee. He was not at all happy about this. He’d been wearing a Batman t-shirt and was appalled that I was forcing him to change. Luckily, he’s 3, and forgets things easily. By the time we got to our destination, he’d forgotten about the struggle that went into getting him changed. He proudly announced to everyone that he had on his “fag shirt.”

-I made this (only I just used blueberries and strawberries, so it was all patriotic-like) and brought it to the bbq at my mother-in-law’s house. I mistakenly thought I was cool enough to make small changes to the recipe here and there that wouldn’t effect the outcome in any way. Conclusion: I am actually not cool at all. I was too embarrassed to even ask for my pan back when I left.

-Ethan fell asleep at about 7:30, stayed asleep when I transferred him from car seat to bed, and continued sleeping on through the fireworks. I had planned to wake him up for them, but then I saw them: liiiittle tiny bits of sparkly color juuust peeking over the tops of the trees. Barely making a sound. Lasted nary a few minutes. Hmm… wake up cranky toddler so he could yell at me for disturbing his peaceful slumber, just to stare at some trees in the dark, or be thankful that he doesn’t yet realize the fourth of July means fireworks… hm… cake or death? Cake or death???

-My sister and I decided we needed a drink. Searched high and low for a corkscrew. Considered going over to the neighbors’ to borrow one, babies in tow. Eventually Cristey found one, a cheap one, that pretty much embedded itself into the cork, the end. Stuck there. She actually had to call a friend of hers, who was on his way to a party that would take him right past our house, to ask if he’d stop here first and open our bottle for us. Helpless much? We were desperate.

-Watched this, while tipsy (well, I was; it doesn’t take much), and laughed ourselves to tears:

(Just get through the interview-ey stuff in the beginning, it’s worth it, I promise!)

-Am now googling the rules as they pertain to alcohol consumption and breastfeeding.

Tell me: how was your fourth?



4 responses

5 07 2008

I commend you for even attempting that fruit tart – it looks magnificent but I haven’t had the gumption to try yet.

And no, changes to baking are never usually a good plan.

And when you can’t find a corkscrew or get it out, push the cork in! There’s been many a glass of wine I’ve had with cork pieces in it. lol

5 07 2008

hmmm..sounds like your 4th was more exciting than mine! husbandito and i were hunkered down in a hotel room in pigeon forge, tn hiding from all the crazy traffic. we heard fireworks from the room but couldn’t see anything. 😦

5 07 2008

– “We’re going to run out of cake at this rate!”

– twin bed! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

7 07 2008

Our fourth… basically ended with a very upset teething baby puking all over her aunt, at which point the baby’s daddy drove them all home. Daddy went back to the party to watch the random pyrotechnics, but otherwise was calm and quiet. I consumed a whopping two ounces of gin…

Curly – why would you go to Pigeon Forge on a holiday weekend!? 😦

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