With any luck, I’ll be PIFing for the next 7 years

3 07 2008

Re: Swistle’s Group Effort Pay it Forward Contest, ohmylawd, are anyone else’s eyes going all crossedy from the 7 gajillion new blogs you’ve read in the past three days? I started at the top of the list, entering others’ pay it forwards, and thought I’d work my way down. Except, somewhere along the line, I don’t know, I must have stopped to scold Phylicia Rashad (which, um, by the way, Phylicia, if you’ve Googled yourself and stumbled upon this (I would TOTALLY Google myself if I were famous!)- I ADORED you as Claire! You were so the boss of Cliff. You also rocked the shoulder pad look.), or something, and got confused, because I somehow ended up clicking a couple of the links in the middle of the list, and then some at the bottom, and… Well, I have no idea how many PIF contests I’ve actually entered.

Which begs the question: whatever will I do should I win 3 of the contests? Or 5? Or 20? Or, heck all 7 gajillion of them? Would I have to actually then find the time to pay it forward another 7 gajillion times? I’m all for fairness but I do like to sleep, too. And also, would like to avoid going broke over the purchasing of 7 gajillion dollars worth of PIF goodies, if possible.

I took a break from the PIF madness today to introduce Ethan to the world of mini golf (or putt putt, as we call it here in good ol’ Pee Ay). At first, he was cool with it, even developing his own unique club technique:

Then he found that the ball didn’t always do as he wished, and contented himself with picking it up and placing it an inch from the hole, then trying to hit it in:

And then the heat, hunger and slight cold he’s suffering from got to him, and after throwing some rocks and a trip to the Naughty Bench, simply laid his club on the ground and collapsed:

And then we finished up the outing with some ice cream. Right before dinner. Smaaaaart.

I’ve been the solo parent for 2 weeks now, and thus am not above trying to buy my son’s love/affection/obedience with confections.

It hasn’t worked yet, but much to his delight, I will keep trying.



3 responses

3 07 2008

pardon me…is your son wearing a boston red suckers hat?!? *swooning* we’re YANKEE fans ’round these parts, ma’am. lol.

3 07 2008

I really wanted to get into the PIF contests but with the unpredictability of being 9 months pregnant, I couldn’t commit to it.

And how cute is Ethan!

How’s the mom-to-two thing now? Better?

4 07 2008

I would totally Google myself too! I have already… one time I found pictures of myself from college on their website, and now all that pops up is my Facebook page that I never use and a musician’s interview I did seven years ago. BO-ring.

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