It’s big, and it’s huge

26 06 2008

The always awesome Swistle has proposed a Big Huge Pay It Forward contest. And because I’d wanted to do one anyway, and because I have like thirty other things that I should be doing but am instead trying my best to put off doing, I decided to joined in the fun. I’ll fill you in on it more early next week. Just know this: there will be prize(s). That you can win! For free. You don’t have to do anything except leave a comment (on the post next week, not this one. Although feel free to comment on this one, too. I like comments!). So be on the lookout!

Totally unrelated, but really bothering me: why do socks come in resealable plastic bags? Why? Does anyone actually keep these bags and store their socks in them? What is the point of the resealableness?

And now, I must get back to my movie. I’m watching August Rush, and so far- depressing. And I’m home alone. Unless you count the sleeping babies, which I do not. So I’m lonely, and depressed. This evening had better pick up, or I’m going to march myself downstairs and eat all the leftover pizza.



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27 06 2008

oh, no, my pretty. you won’t ensnare me in a pay it forward. i tried to have one when i first opened my blog-o and NO ONE participated. how pathetic. and then i did a second one and it was a bit more successful. but i’m done with being nice. i prefer being mean. šŸ™‚ lol.

27 06 2008

curlywurlygurly: I can totally sympathize with your decision to avoid the pay it forward! I think Swistle is going to link to all the participating blogs, which will bring more traffic, and hopefully spare me the shame of a pay it forward like you experienced, or the giveaway I FAILED MISERABLY at a few months ago.

27 06 2008

1) I will participate this time. I promise.

2) I think the resealable bag technology would be put to much better use in cereal boxes, frozen waffle boxes, and ALL bags of frozen veggies. Socks?? I mean, come on.

3) I want to see August Rush but I am in no emotional condition to watch a depressing movie lately. Ack!

4) Eat the pizza anyway. That’s what I’d do.

27 06 2008

I like resealable sock bags so I can open them at the store and pull out the socks to look at them. I am very picky and I like to check them out. Although I do agree that there are more important items that could use resealable bags.

28 06 2008

We will have to fit in time to visit this weekend so you aren’t so sad. Not that you are sad b/c you see me twice a year, obviously. But you know.

28 06 2008

Nora: August Rush got better. I wasn’t left feeling all depressed and yucky at the end.
And, I totally ate the pizza.

Mae: Good thinking!

Hallie: But I AM sad that I see you only twice a year! šŸ˜¦

29 06 2008

I have an answer about the resealable bags! It’s because people TEAR OPEN the bags in the stores to see what socks/underwear are like. Then no one else will buy the torn-open bag. They make them resealable in the hopes that people will open them at that place instead of tearing them, and then the store employees can patiently put the socks back in and seal it up good as new. I’ve still seen those resealable bags torn open, though.

29 06 2008

Swistle: I don’t want you to think I am one of those people who have torn open a sock/underwear bag, although I know what you’re talking about. People are so rude.

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