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26 06 2008

Ethan’s been awake for just over 13 hours now, with no nap, and is upstairs in his room screaming for me, pleading with me through his tears to let him come out because he’s not tired and does not wish to nap. How is this possible? I’ve been awake 11 hours (the biggest bestest part of staying with your mom for a few weeks is that you don’t always have to get up at the butt crack of dawn with your early-riser, and today was one of those days for me, and THANK YOU MOM), and all it would take is for me to lean my head juuust a little bit to the side and I’d be OUT.

Where does he get this energy? It certainly isn’t from his healthy diet. We are in the midst of a food strike here. Today, for example, Ethan ate a handful of dry Crispex for breakfast, refused an almond butter, jelly and banana sandwich for lunch (yet for some reason stole little bites of my 3 cheese, tomato, red pepper and spinach pesto sandwich… weird), followed that up with half an ice cream cone, and finished the whole day off with two, count ’em- TWO- bites of his pasta, tomatoes and chicken dinner. Forget having energy; how is the kid still walking? Thinking? Speaking? That little food and I’d be comatose on the floor.

Pretend with me that he’s looking at the camera. And that the picture isn’t so washed-out. K?

I think the food strike has a little to do with the fact that we’re out of our element- on vacation, in a different place, not sticking to our normal routine, etc.- and a lot to do with the fact that as of 9 days ago, my baby is officially a three-year-old. (I’d share pictures from his party except that I HAVE NONE thanks to temporatily losing my camera.) Ever heard of the Terrible Two’s? They don’t exist. It’s the Terrible, No Good Very Bad Three’s people should be warned about. He screams just as agonizingly when I ask him if he needs a diaper change as he does when I ask him if he’d like to get ice cream. He yells at me to take my hair down when it’s in a ponytail. He orders me to stop speaking when he hears me talking to my mom. He throws, hits, growls.

Kids are AWESOME.

In other, nicer child news, Oliver’s been busy. He’s trying new foods (though so far he only likes bananas), is FULL of smiles- he literally wakes up smiling and does not stop all day long, despite the (first!) tooth he’s currently cutting- and is making friends with his cousin Myla:

He’s also progressed from Baby Lump to Unsupported Sitter. See?

Again with the washed-out and the pretending…

Lest you think it’s all fun and games with this one, shall I tell you about the poopsplosion we spent 15 minutes digging ourselves out of yesterday? The one where I had to clean poop out of my fingernails? And out of Oliver’s neck cracks, toes and knee pits? The one where I ran out of wipes toward the end? No? Don’t wanna hear about that one? Alright. Nevermind then. Just go back to thinking Oliver’s all fun and games. Oliver’s cool with that.

Oh, the washed-outedness! He’s lucky he’s so cute.



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26 06 2008

further proof that i wouldn’t be able to handle kids–you are a trooper!!!! 🙂 this is why i have none. i just like watching other people enjoy parenthood. your kids are too cute–i guess that’s what makes it so tempting to have them.

26 06 2008

Happy birthday to Ethan! One day he’s going to look you in the eye, hold you, and say, “Thanks, Mom. You are an angel,” and you’ll forget all about this.

That’s what I was telling myself today. Hopefully it helps rather than irritates you.

28 06 2008

and in today’s unsolicited advice from someone you don’t know: Picasa (free, here: can fix that washed-out-ness right up, as well as organize photos. You select the photo, click on “tuning” and play with the shadow/highlight/fill sliders until it looks good. btw, I love your pics where kids aren’t looking at the camera; they really show personality and capture the moment.

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