Timeline: birthday gift

23 06 2008


The face he made each time he opened a gift that turned out not to be his precious Geotrax.


Can you just FEEL his joy?


Here it sits (demoted from the ground level of the house to the basement level, where nobody ever goes), abandoned, Ethan’s own Dolly Surprise. He hasn’t played with it in 5 days. Hasn’t even asked about it! It could be on its way to a garage sale and he wouldn’t even care.



2 responses

24 06 2008

my eardrums are bleeding after listening to the piercing shrieks of joy! how cute! perhaps you should lock him in the basement like my parents used to do, so he plays with this toy. oh, wait. that’s probably not legal anymore.

24 06 2008
GeoTrax Blogger

I find with my kids that GeoTrax is totally a ‘group’ toy. They hardly play with GeoTrax by themselves but as soon as a friend shows up and expresses the slightest amount of interest of they go playing together.

I also find that the more creative I can be with the layout of the track the more it keeps them interested.

Worst case scenario, if you do decide to sell, GeoTrax have pretty good resale value on craigslist but especially on eBay between October and January.

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