5 pieces of old news

22 06 2008

Found a post from about a month ago that I meant to publish and never did for some reason. So you’re getting it now.

*I wish I’d taken before pictures of Oliver’s Head o’ Crap. I found the stuff my neighbor (as well as AndreAnna) had recommended at Target, and for a mere 6 bucks the cradle cap is almost completely gone, and I’ve only applied the Miracle Lotion twice. Seriously, the difference is like night and day. I’d had my doubts, since this was some nasty cradle cap, and it was looking like it’d be around until Oliver was 30. But the stuff worked, and I would recommend it 100% if you happen to know of any babies with this affliction!

*Thank you to everyone who left comments when I asked for camera recommendations; your input helped us a lot in making a decision! We’d been meaning to get a new camera for quite awhile now (ours is nearly 8 years old!)- first it was going to be our anniversary present to each other last year, then it was going to be our Christmas present, etc.- and we just never got around to researching and buying. But thanks to your suggestions, we finally decided on one. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what kind. (If Jeff reads this and remembers, he might say what kind in the comments… hint hint, Jeff.) Edited to add: I think we meant to make the purchase before going out of town, but the date we left just came up so quick that we just didn’t have the time. We’ll definitely get to it when life returns to normal in August.

*Um, we also recently bought Rock Band, and wow- so addicting. I have been having red-green-red-yellow-green-green-red etc. (I can only play on the easy level) dreams for the past week. Also, based solely on my ability to hit the colored buttons at the correct time, I feel like I should be able to pick up an actual guitar and BUST OUT some Foo Fighters, no problem. It’s weird to me that in reality, I can’t. That, in reality, I SUCK at all things musical.

*Oliver is eating rice cereal now! I didn’t exactly get the official go-ahead from his doctor before starting him. But I know he was ready for it- the way he tried to steal food from me whenever I held it within 2 feet of his reach told me so. That, and the constant lip smacking noises he makes when he watches me eat (and watch intently he does). He holds his head up just fine, and can (for the most part), sit up unsupported. He was definitely ready for his rice cereal/breast milk soup. I think we’ll try steak puree next.

*We were at a church picnic yesterday and after eating lunch, since I was holding Oliver, I asked Jeff to get me some dessert when he got up. He asked what I wanted and I just told him to pick whatever he thought I’d like. He did an EXCELLENT job: he didn’t bring me a rice krispy treat, and he passed on the pie (while both of these things are good and I’d never turn them down, they don’t say “me”)… He went for the chocolate chip cookie bar, covered in melted peanut butter and chocolate, topped with the crushed candy bits from every imaginable type of candy bar there is. “I know my woman,” he responded when I told him he’d chosen EXACTLY what I would have picked. He DOES know his woman. What kind of dessert says “you”?



3 responses

23 06 2008

i’m an ice cream gal, myself…but i have been known to scoff down some fruit pies and (box) yellow cake with choclate icing!!!

23 06 2008
Ethan's Oma

Strawberry Shortcake !!!!!

23 06 2008

Glad the cradle cap stuff worked!

I’m a brownie girl!

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