Maybe that’s why it’s called “erie”

21 06 2008

Strange things happen in Erie. Take, for example, The Curious Incident of the Babies in the Ice Cube Tray:

But fear not! Despite not being able to wade through the sea of clothes that is the room I’m staying in at my mom’s house (living out of one’s suitcase is no fun; our goal in the next week or so is to scour yard sales for dressers), and thus not being able to unearth my poor buried Mac, and further thusly not being able to blog, I am back. Jeff left today; he’s gone back to VA for two weeks, and then he’ll leave for some training that will turn him into a leader. It takes 4 weeks to turn someone into a leader, apparently, because he won’t be back till August sometime. So in the interest of not wanting to go mental due to 47 days alone with a toddler and a newborn, I decided it’d be best if the boys and I stayed with my mom in Erie for another month or so.

And even though Jeff’s absence puts a great deal more of the parenting responsibilities on me, I somehow feel as though I’ll have more free time. Time I plan to spend returning to the blogosphere, which is good because apparently all the cool bloggers are having a buttload of contests lately, and I’m totally missing out!

I don’t have any contests myself right now (I’m not a cool blogger), but I do have sleeping babies. And who doesn’t love sleeping babies?



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21 06 2008

Left: This is your baby on regular breastmilk.
Right: This is your baby on Supermama breastmilk.
Any questions?

21 06 2008

that’s a pretty good trick–getting two little tykes to sleep like that! how are you managing?!! you must have your hands full for sure.

21 06 2008

Sleeping babies are the best and these two are so cute!

21 06 2008

Yay for more blogs from you!

Love the sleeping babies picture.

24 06 2008
Krista Grothoff



I wants me some of those. Specifically, one. Preferably a sleeping version of the one I have while he’s awake.


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