Dreary Erie

10 06 2008

On vay-cay (if you can call it that; I’ve still got kids, so I’m still doin’ my job, just in a different place) for a while. Posts will be sporadic. For now, I leave you with two things: the first, a question: who has a garage sale THE DAY BEFORE leaving for vacation? WHO? That is enough to kill a person. Not enough to pay for a tank of gas, though- we only made fifty bucks.

And thing two: Attack! Of the Giant Baby!



2 responses

10 06 2008

Wow, it looks like 6 month old Oliver is bigger than 3 year old Ethan!

10 06 2008

oliver looks a tad large…maybe it’s the camera angle? lol.

as for garage sales…we had one once…and now we just pile all the junk at the end of our driveway and let people TAKE IT. it’s crazy what people will take. and what they leave, the garbage men haul away. 🙂

enjoy the vay-cay.

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