Toys; Etsy; Sleep

4 06 2008

*Ethan’s been asking for Aero (that’s the name of the train; the actual name of the toy is Geo Trax Rail and Road System Grand Central Station) for six straight months. Back in December and January, I almost ran away from home so that I didn’t have to listen to his incessant “Mommy, can I have Awwo?”, because seriously, he would ask me this easily a hundred times a day. He let up a bit when I began answering that if he asked for it for his birthday, maybe he’d get it then. Unaware that his birthday was 6 months away, this answer placated him and the requests for the toy tapered off, though he has definitely not forgotten about it. Well, his birthday is in 10 days, and I, awesome super cool mom that I am, got him his precious Awwo. And I am sooo excited to give it to him! It’s a good thing I had it shipped to my mom’s house, where we’ll be during his birthday, otherwise I’d have given it to him WEEKS AGO. But this got me thinking about toys that I obsessed over when I was little, and the one that comes to mind, embarrassingly, was Dolly Surprise. Anyone remember this thing? You moved her arm up to her head and her hair grew. CREEPY. But I wanted her with every fiber of my 7-year-old being, creepy mutant hair and all. If I remember correctly, she started making this AWFUL gritty noise every time you moved her arm up, and eventually her hair stopped growing altogether. Here’s to hoping Awwo doesn’t become Ethan’s Dolly Surprise.

*So I’m playing with the idea of opening an Etsy shop. Etsy is awesome, right? We all love Etsy. Two things stopping me, though: 1, everyone’s got an Etsy shop these days, ya know? Do I wanna jump on the wagon? And 2, I barely have time to SLEEP, let alone create anything these days.Things I’d sell in the shop would be these, maybe some of these, and maybe these. Also nursing covers, knitted things, and various other random things that I make but can’t think of off the top of my head right now. I don’t know. What do you think?

*Last night, in a zombie-like state, Jeff sent me to bed at 7:45. When I said, But no! I have things, many things, to do! and then could not tell him what those things were, he said GO TO BED, WOMAN. This was following nearly two weeks of the end of the day finding me falling asleep on the couch as soon as Ethan went to bed, while I was supposed to be watching Lost. And that is how I came to get 12 hours of sleep last night. TWELVE. And for some icing on the slumbery cake- Oliver nursed at 6:30pm, and then did not wake me to nurse again until 1:30am, when he ate for 20 minutes. Then he didn’t eat again until 5:30. I think this was his late Mother’s Day gift to me. I’LL TAKE IT.



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4 06 2008
Ethan's Oma

I used to think I would be SO smart and got my Christmas shopping done before Halloween ( I KNOW !!! ME !!! I really did it ! ) But then I ended up giving you guys ALL your presents before Thanksgiving ! Partly because the stuff you wanted in September, by the time November came along, you had a whole new list ! But mostly because I just couldn’t stop myself, I wanted you to have them right then. And I remember that doll….ewwwww.

5 06 2008

About Etsy: you should totally do it.

6 06 2008

i’m giving you ‘mom o’ the year’ for the train! as for etsy–do it–you don’t need to sleep! 🙂

7 06 2008

I love the idea of Etsy because you really have some totally cool stuff. I didn’t know you made those baby blocks, I always see them and think are so cool and wondered where you got them.

23 06 2008
Timeline: birthday gift « Sublime Bedlam

[…] The face he made each time he opened a gift that turned out not to be his precious Geotrax. […]

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