In a chapstick emergency, I’m your man

2 06 2008

I cleaned out my purse today. This is what was inside:

-glasses (not in the case, just free-floating) (and not that we’re on the brink or anything, but if we ever got divorced, the Number 1 Reason Jeff would cite as to the destruction of our marriage would be that I neglect my glasses and have never once put them in their case)

-keys (real ones)

-keys (baby toy ones)

-four different kinds of chapstick

-wad of clean tissues

-wad of dirty tissues

-a bunch of balled up reciepts

-two burp cloths

-a small bottle of Purell


-granola bar

-two plastic dinosaurs (one glow-in-the-dark)

-a pair of baby socks

-three baby mittens (none of which matched)

-a fake flower thing from the VFW

-two hair clips (I haven’t worn a hair clip in like, a year)

-and one of these (it’s a big plastic ball, if you can’t tell)

Did I mention my purse is only like, 6×9″?

Now here’s what was NOT in my purse:

-my wallet

Too bad I did not figure this out until AFTER I’d shopped for over an hour at Target. The Target that is Far Away. With a sleepy, whiny, hungry child in tow A sleepy, whiny, hungry child who was NONE TOO PLEASED to leave behind his toy so that we could go home and get MONEY to pay for our stuff. I probably spent more on gas going to and from and to and from again to Target than I did on everything I bought.

Speaking of what I bought- little boy clothes, on sale! Including matching t-shirts, for less than 2 bucks each. Can you just die from the clichéed cuteness that is dressing your children in matching clothes?



5 responses

2 06 2008

Baby is too cute! I just want to eat up those cheeks.

By the way, the ‘possibly related posts’ on this entry has ‘deadly snake bites penis’ posted. LOL

3 06 2008

This post was great. I thought it was going to be another purse list only, but you had my full and immediate sympathy on your missing wallet. I think I would have just given up and stayed home after that. I always end up buying stuff I don’t really need at Target anyway. Our monthly Entertainment budget has funds for “shopping at Target,” and that’s it. Kind of pathetic. 😉

3 06 2008

I LOVVVVVVE matching clothes!!

5 06 2008

Oh, Oliver, my man. Those cheeks. THOSE CHEEKS.

If he and the Buddha Baby ever got together, the weight of their cheeks might tilt the earth.

10 06 2008
RookieMom Whitney

Dude, I am the queen of the misplaced (or rather not put back in place) wallet. And I call you Dude because I’m from California. So I love the matchy matchy and know how flippin’ cheesy it is, but I cannot stop buying gender neutral matching pjs for my boy and girl. It’s just irresistible.

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