Four years

30 05 2008

Four years of kicking you when your snoring keeps me awake;

Four years of falling asleep in each others’ arms.


Four years of arguing over whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty;

Four years of making up. (Sometimes while eating off of dirty plates.)


Four years of picking up after you;

Four years of picking each other up when we are down.


Four years of getting on each others’ nerves;

Four years of remembering why I fell in love with you in the first place.


Happy four years of marriage, Jeffrey!


Our anniversary was on Wednesday, and we didn’t get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner; with a nursing infant who isn’t so much into bottles, and the fact that we’re gonna need to save every penny if we’re going to be able to afford the gas our car will require in order to get us up to Erie next month (a total of approximately $300 roundtrip, by my calculations), it wasn’t really in the cards. (Though we did receive an offer to babysit, thank you Mae!) We are, however, planning to purchase that camera I‘ve we’ve been wanting for awhile now (a process made easier thanks to all your great input!). And I cooked us up a WONDROUS anniversary dinner full of yummy things like roast, potatoes, carrots, from-scratch rolls (Pioneer Woman’s, and they were EXCELLENT), and cheesecake.

I’d had the foresight to remember to pick up a couple of candles the day before our anniversary, but not the brains to remember that candle sticks require some sort of holder; the only holder I own is a Christmas-ey one, which I wouldn’t have had a problem using except that it is packed away… somewhere. And since you can’t have a romantic, candlelit dinner without candles, Jeff contributed to the romantic dinner by ingeniously cutting the tops off a couple of water bottles and spray painting them silver, about an hour before we ate. You almost can’t tell this pair of candle stick holders were made by Aquafina:



7 responses

30 05 2008

Happy Anniversary!

30 05 2008

happy anniversary to you guys! lovely candlesticks, by the way! very clever.

30 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

Keep up the good work !! Love you !

31 05 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Killer candle holders – I think that could become an internet hobby phenomenon!

You’ve also written a very nice poem…

1 06 2008

I love the candle holders, who would have thought Jeff was so crafty. Way to save the romantic dinner Jeff. Just for that I think he is worth keeping for another 4 years Caley. he he Happy Anniversary!

2 06 2008

Ahhhh…romance the way we do it. With good humor, tasty food, and true appreciation. Happy (belated) anniversary.

2 06 2008

Aw, thanks everyone!

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