The visual evidence

22 05 2008

I’ve been after Jeff to get a good picture of the four of us for months now (or just any picture of me and my boys, since we have an infinite number of photos of Jeff and the kids, and approximately 4 of me and the kids). On Mother’s Day, the one day when all my motherly wishes are granted (I did get FLOWERS, you know), I finally got him to do it. Here are the sad, sad results of that photo shoot:

It looks like this was snapped mid-earthquake.

We’re all good, ‘cept for that vibrating baby over there.


Oliver says, “Dude, it sure is hot here ON THE SUN.”

And here are a few Bonus Shots from the past few months:

One time we put Oliver in a cave…

Who’s the dude holding Oliver? Couldn’t tell ya, I CAN’T SEE HIS FACE.

Ethan’s four eyes: effect of the camera. Oliver’s old mannishness: all natural.

Is it night time?

Is it day time? WHO KNOWS?

The Blurry Brothers.

And there you have it, the irrefutable proof that we NEED a new camera. What kind of camera do you use? Do you have any recommendations for me, particularly of the affordable ($400 or less) variety?



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22 05 2008

I have a Kodak EasyShare Z700. I like it fine. But anything with a built-in flash (which is what it has) is a flash problem: dark background if you use the flash, blurry if you don’t.

22 05 2008

I was just gonna say what Swistle said – you need a good flash. Does your camera have an add-on ability for one? Ours was the best thing we bought (next to the camera itself).

22 05 2008

I’m on my second CyberShot (the first one was circa 2001 and was considered a weapon in many states).
I have a W100 and it takes better video then our new video camera.
It’s got a zillion features and it’s pretty easy to use…even for someone who couldn’t shoot still-life.

22 05 2008

I love my canon powershot s3 (s5’s are out now) but it may be a bit bulky for some people. Everyone I know who’s gotton one of the powershot series, many of which are small and cute as a button, has been thrilled with the them, and esp. with the quality of the video. Check out this site for really in depth reviews of canons and others:

22 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

I got a canon powershot sd750 last month. I bought a canon because ‘Caley and Jeff have a canon, so this must be a good one….’ It’s very small and can even be operated by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, that’s me of course.

23 05 2008

that’s a mighty big glass of wine your baby is drinking in that one picture. lol. what a cute family!!

23 05 2008

I wish I could recommend a good camera to you but it looks like we probably use the same thing.

I just want to say I like Ethan’s cowboy jammies!

2 06 2008

Unripe says : I absolutely agree with this !

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