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21 05 2008

In honor of National Doodle Day, CurlyWurlyGurly has a very fun contest going on right now: readers submitted their own doodles, and they are on display right here. Go! Peruse the doodles! And by all means, DO NOT FORGET TO CAST YOUR VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE DOODLE!

By which, of course, I mean: VOTE FOR ME! I’m #4. (You have until Thursday at 10pm.)

(And in case you’re wondering (Crayon and Legible Handwriting are not friends): the RED, RAGING thunderbolts indicate my boob soreness, I’ve got a “relentlessy inquisitive 3-year-old” on the right, a “demanding 5-month-old” on the left, and there is an “anvil careening toward my head.” And yes, my hair really looks like that.)



4 responses

21 05 2008

If you’re campaigning for yourself, should I start mudslinging you and telling you that mine is better? LOL

21 05 2008
Vote for us! « My Life in a Nutshell

[…] a contest in honor of National Doodle Day, and I submitted Katie’s family portrait.  Since Caley is campaigning for herself, I have decided to campaign for Katie & me!  […]

21 05 2008

jenefur: Oooh, this could get ugly…!

Btw, I love your daughter’s doodle- she draws faces a lot like my son does.

21 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

I voted for you honey !!!

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