Cradle Crap

21 05 2008

I think I mentioned the Mutant Cradle Cap That Will Outlive Us All before; if not, to recap: Oliver has this outrageously relentless cradle cap that will. not. go. away. I’ve been diligently rubbing the ‘cap’ with baby oil, following that with brushing the stuff off. And a few days later, it’ll be back, just as strong as before.

All the baby sites claim that cradle cap does not bother babies. But I’m gonna have to disagree, because Oliver is FOREVER trying to scratch his scalp. And when he does, he gets it good; one time, in the span of no more than four unwatched minutes (he was in the back seat of the car where we could not see him), he scratched his little head up so much that when Jeff opened the door to get him out, he was met with an Oliver whose head was covered in blood, it was AWFUL. The pediatrician prescribed something for the open cuts Oliver had scratched, and told me just to keep on truckin’ with the baby oil.

We’ve been at it for two months now, and poor Oliver has been wearing socks on his hands for so long, I’m afraid he’s going to forget how to use them! Because there are times when I have no choice but to take my eyes off of him for a few moments, he’s been able to scratch his head up a few more times (though, thanks to the sock-hands, nothing as bad as that fateful, bloody day at Target), and when this happens, I have to apply the Bacitracin to his cuts. And because I can’t risk him touching the medication and then putting his hands in his mouth, I have to then cover it up with bandages. And so that’s why in some of the recent pictures we have of Oliver, he looks like this

Does he remind you of anyone? How about this chick?

(Um, P.S.? Do you have any idea how IMPOSSIBLE it is to find a NON-p*rny picture that involves this hat??)

The resemblance is EERIE, no? (Especially when you employ the pink highlighter.)

My neighbor mentioned that either Target or Walmart sells something specifically for cradle cap, and that it cleared her youngest’s right up. Which makes me wonder why my pediatrician wouldn’t have suggested it… but whatev. I’ll be making a trip to both stores, first thing tomorrow…

First thing, that is, right after I meet my friend Mae for a little date with Denise Austin. We’re banking on the whole ‘keep each other accountable’ thing to work for us here, and are going to try to get in a workout while the kids play and the baby… rolls around and drools, or something, every morning, starting tomorrow.

Which would explain why tonight I feasted on 5 Oreos, a handful of cashews, a can of pop, and a package of peanut butter crackers. Because it starts tomorrow.



4 responses

21 05 2008

ohhh…i feel so bad for the bebe…but the pictures are pretty funny! hope the scratchy cap heals up soon!

21 05 2008

Too funny! Target carries this:
I hear it works wonders but luckily have never had to deal with it (yet).
Burt’s Bees body wash and lotion are also phenomenal for clearing up eczema, which I believe is similar to cradle cap, so it may be worth a shot to use in tandem.

good luck and keep us updated!

22 05 2008

I thought you guys decided to go with Jeff’s duct tape solution…

22 06 2008
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