“Crafty” is her middle name

19 05 2008

Have you ever invited someone over for dinner with promises of yummy double-decker tacos (homemade, not Taco Bell; I’m not that bad) and even yummier dessert, and then when they showed up, you put them to work in the kitchen making dinner?

No? Me neither. I would never do that.

(Okay, there was that ONE time… but it was the Last Supper! And it was named as such because I was enormously pregnant and had such awful back pain that I couldn’t stand or walk for long periods of time, and so I invited my friend Meg over to enjoy the last dinner I’d cook for the remainder of my pregnancy, and, well, she’s kind of awesome, and she pretty much took over. So that doesn’t count.)

Actually, I invited my friend and neighbor Mae and her son over for dinner, and even though she arrived on time, I, in true lazy-me fashion, was not at all on time. In discussing what needed to be done for dinner, I mentioned I hadn’t made the dessert yet, thanks to forgetting to pick up one key item required: flowers. I’d been planning to make these adorable little flower pot ice cream desserts that I saw on one of my favorite food blogs, Pioneer Woman Cooks. I’d told Jeff to go to the store and pick up a bouquet of flowers, about 20 minutes before dinner was to be done. He told me no. He said I should serve them without the flowers. Um, hey! Hope you enjoy your pot of dirt for dessert? I DON’T THINK SO.

But luckily, Mae is both crafty and quick on her feet; she offered to whip up some felt flowers, and whip them up she did:

She made flowers while I cooked dinner, and dessert was saved! They look just as good as if they’d been the real thing, in my opinion. Pretty and delicious!



2 responses

19 05 2008

oh that pioneer woman! you drink the kool-aid too? i gave up on her…she has too much time on her hands and a waaaay better camera than i do.

i’d come over for tacos…i really like them. 🙂

19 05 2008
Mae West

The tacos were awesome and the dessert was so delicious. Thanks Caley and Jeff for having us over and if it means having more of your wonderful dessert creations then I am more than happy to help. Love Ya

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