16 05 2008

Did I just hiss the words “Shush!” and “Hold on!” at my 3-year-old when he whined that he was hungry for breakfast? Yes, yes I did. Am I ashamed to admit this? Only slightly.

I was watching the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB if you are COOL) as they performed on the Today Show this morning. That’s right, they’re back.

Did I mind that Donnie’s only contribution was to shout “New York!” repeatedly? Or that there were far more little choreographed dance steps than actual singing? Not in the least. After watching, I’ve decided that Joey is no longer my favorite New Kid, as he once was, when I was 8, nearly… twenty years ago. (Oh my goodness, where are my DENTURES? Am I really that old?) No, I think my favorite today would probably be Jonathan- he was good enough for Tiffany, right? Good enough for me. My favorite WOULD be Donnie, if I could be guaranteed that being his girlfriend would lead to the opportunity to look at his brother Marky Mark. And if I wasn’t, you know, already committed to someone. (Because the fact that I’m already married is the ONLY obstacle standing in the way of my becoming Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg.)

And so in honor of their comeback, I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly announce that I am sorry for taking part in the Great Hate NKOTB Day back when I was in fifth grade (wherein we all brought any NKOTB cassettes we owned to school and during recess violently stomped the crap out of them, symbolizing our collective dislike for the boyband). I am ashamed for my involvement in this act and will forever regret it. I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t still get married someday, Jonathan. Or Donnie. Whichever.



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16 05 2008

I missed NKOTB perform? WHAT!? LOL… I’ll be watching your clip shortly!

16 05 2008

hangin’ tough! sorry, you won’t be mrs. donnie wahlberg because that job is going to ME!

c’mon over to my blog and win a prize–i joined your contest last week, now i need some support or i’m NEVER hosting a contest again. 😀 ahahah.

16 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

I just love Donnie’s accent !!! those boston boys are HOT!! him and matt damon and ben affleck……mmmmmmm

16 05 2008

What happened to my NKOTB radar that I had when I was 12 and could actually FEEL when they would be performing anywhere? I am so disappointed. ~ Mrs. MacIntyre

P.S. :Although, sadly, I am not really married to him, I did however name my first born after Joe. (I wish I could tell you that was a joke.)

18 05 2008

I have to say that while this was going on I actually told my boss that I was “VERY” busy and could not be disturbed.

When they busted out with the song Tonight I reverted about 2 decades and gushed around my living room singing the words.

And, I DVR’d it and watched it. A few times. Since then.

19 05 2008

I am so sad to have missed it.

For my 9th birthday, do you know what I got? An NKOTB t-shirt, an NKOTB fanny pack (YES FANNY PACK), NKOTB slipper socks and a Jordan barbie doll. I wore the shirt and fanny pack that day to school. I was stylin’ in my hot pink and black.

I still remember his birthday. It was just Saturday, actually.

21 05 2008

Thank goodness for this post… I am glad that we are about the same age and going though the whole, “Uh-uh, no way, that WAS NOT 20 years ago. Nope.”
Because frankly, I had oatmeal and fiber caps for breakfast.

BTW, I looked super hot in my NKOTB shirt that was stick figures…

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