Pity party endeth; reality commenceth

15 05 2008

Ok, I’m over myself now. If you didn’t enter my little giveaway, feel free to come out of hiding. Your safety is no longer in jeopardy, I’m not going to hurt you. I promise. Aliasmother was right on the money with her comment; my ego was just a bit hurt. I’ve never given a party and had no one show up! It doesn’t feel that great, I found out. I hope that little pity party of a post yesterday didn’t cost me any readers. If you read, and didn’t participate in the giveaway, or even if you read and never even leave comments, that’s ok; I still appreciate all my readers, regardless.

Sappy, sappy, sappy. Enough of that! Let’s move on to something else… like the fact that my almost-5-month-old slept almost through the night last night for the first time! Until now, he’s been waking to nurse at 11ish, at 2ish, and at 5ish. I fed him at 10 last night. I tried to put him down after that, but for some reason whenever I try to place him anywhere other than my arms while he’s asleep, he wakes up. It’s his baby spidey sense. So at 11 he was wide awake, and he stayed that way, on the bed next to me, while Jeff and I folded the two weeks’ worth of laundry that was covering our bed and preventing us from sleeping in it. When we finished, it was nearly midnight, and we laid him in his bassinet and turned the light off, which was not at all what he’d been hoping we would do (carry him around making shushing noises while rocking him and swaying him is what he’d had planned). And so he cried. And cried and cried and cried.

Oliver’s bed is in our room, and so this crying took place just a few feet from my head. It’s rough, listening to your baby cry and not doing anything to comfort him, as anyone could guess. But I knew he was not crying for a diaper change or to eat; he was crying because he was tired and wanted to be put to sleep, and it wasn’t gonna happen. We let Ethan cry it out when he was about 4 months old, and it only took three nights before he learned and we never had a problem again. It worked for us. But we’ve waited longer to do this with Oliver because with Ethan, his 45 minutes of crying did not disturb any older siblings who might be trying to sleep. We were kind of on the edge of our seats during Oliver’s crying, keeping our fingers crossed that he didn’t wake Ethan, and thankfully, he did not.

It must have only taken him about 20 minutes of crying before he fell asleep, because before I knew it, I was asleep. And there’s no way I could have slept through that ruckus. And then instead of waking in his normal hour or two to nurse, he let me sleep until about 4, and then he went right back to sleep. In fact, he is still asleep now, at 7:45. Maybe we should have cried it out sooner?

Oliver also rolled over for the first official time yesterday, so it was a very big, productive day for him. I don’t have any video of him rolling over (although I did happen to be chatting with my mom via webcam when it happened, so his Oma got to see him in action!), but I do have this little clip of his cheerleader/big brother cheering him on while we practiced the other day, and dude, my boys are cute:

(Ethan is saying, “I’m rolling, Owver! I’m rolling!” over and over again, as he rolls across the room, trying to show Oliver how it’s done.)

In a completely unrelated note, is anyone else torn between the two American Idol contestants who’ve made it to the final this year? I like David Archuleta- he’s such a cutie. And he can really sing. (Duh.) But David Cook… very talented as well. I can’t choose! I can’t even try to guess who’ll win, because I think David A’s got the votes of all the little girls who watch the show, while David C’s got everyone else’s, and are there more little girls out there voting or more of everyone else? Who knows? And that is enough talk about reality tv.

My own reality awaits me. Ethan has just informed me that I need to “Go be in the kitchen!” I asked why and he said, “Because dat’s where you go.” Oh. I see. Much like laundry goes in the laundry room, toys go in the toy box and towels go in the linen closet, me? I go in the kitchen.

I’m gonna go be in the kitchen now.



4 responses

15 05 2008

OH! How cute is he will his little chubby cheeks and legs! I wanna pour gravy on them and bite them!

15 05 2008
Mae West

So precious, they are so cute!

16 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

That’s so cute !!

16 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

Oh, I forgot, Shawn used to tell Nana that she should go and be in the kitchen too !

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