Like mother, like son

15 05 2008

A good indication that you are a toddler: After asking your mother where the black crayon is, the two of you spend a good 4 minutes (“It was RIGHT HERE 2 seconds ago!” your mother exclaims. “It couldn’t have gone far…”) searching for it, only to find it clutched it in your left hand.

A good indication that you are a mother: After packing a bag to take your kids outside to play (well, that right there is an indicator, isn’t it? Seriously, we need a bag even for this simple outing: sunblock, hats, water bottles, extra pacifier, burp cloth, cell phone, keys, tissues, ETC.), you get downstairs and outside and realize you need something out of the (locked) car, and then spend a good 4 minutes searching the bag for your keys, only to find them dangling from the index finger of your right hand.



4 responses

15 05 2008

LOL! Sounds like my household!

15 05 2008

or my favorite…searching for my glasses because i’m late and finding them minutes later, perched on my HEAD. duh.

16 05 2008

Yesterday I was at Starbucks working for the day – I called the husband to let him know that I was packing up to come and pick him up – we were chatting about something else and I was getting ready to leave but told him that I was freaking out because I couldn’t find my blackberry ANYWHERE and I swear I had it a few minutes ago. He said “aren’t you using it to talk to me right now?”. Yup, I was.

16 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

Like mother, like daughter !!! I’m happy to see that this is not just something that afflicts you when you get as OLD as I am !!

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