Did I forget to mention the ‘giving it away’ part? As in, FREE?

14 05 2008

A whopping 12 people entered my giveaway. 12! All you had to do was leave a comment on a post! I wasn’t asking you to write an essay on why I should pick you to win the book. I wasn’t asking that you research the effects of fresh air on the post-natal woman’s mood. All I asked was that you leave a comment. That comment could have said anything. It could have said, “Pick me!”; it could have said, “I want to win! And also, you are AWESOME, Caley!!”; it could have said nothing but the word “pumpernickel,” for goodness’ sake! (I feel vaguely like Will Farrell’s Alex Trabek pleading with Darrell Hammond’s Sean Connery on SNL: “Just write down a number! Any number!”) (And not that this has anything to do with anything, but in browsing YouTube for a clip of SNL celebrity jeopardy, I found this. And for some reason (my 6th grade sense of humor?) I was very amused. I hope you are, too.)

So anyway. 12 entries. And that was AFTER I went “knocking” on “doors” begging for people to enter. What a loser! The worst part, though, is that my friend Blog Stats, who lives in the lovely little town of Dashboard, told me just how many people read that post (and Blog Stats never ever lies, so I know its true), and yet still did not comment: significantly less than 10% of people who read the post bothered to enter. Dude, not even all of my regular commenters entered. I just don’t get it.

I guess it’s true, what they say- can’t buy me love. No no no, nooooo…

But whatever! More chances for YOU, my 12 REAL friends, to win! And speaking of WINNING, let’s get on it with it, shall we?

Taking into account the fact that one of the commenters was one of the authors of the book, and that two of the comments came from the same commenter, Random Number Generator did its thing (and it’s legit, I swear, though I was certain that the first and last commenters didn’t stand a chance against all. those. middle. numbers!) and declared comment #1–AndreAnna– the Lucky Winner! Congratulations! And also, dude! You should TOTALLY go out and buy lots of lottery tickets right now, because as the lucky ONE chosen from a pool of TWELVE, clearly, YOU ARE ON FIRE.

To AndreAnna: enjoy your awesome new book!

To those of you who chose not to join in the fun: read this. Specifically, definition number 2. Also, don’t let it happen again! Maybe include some flattery in your next comment, and we can still be friends.

And to those who played and did not win: thanks for playing! This whole experience frustrated me SO MUCH that I think I’ll be trying it again soon (something to prove, I think), so be on the lookout for another episode of World’s Easiest-to-Win Contests: Because When You’re the Only One Playing, How Can You Lose?



9 responses

14 05 2008

I know, I know! But it wasn’t about “ease of entering,” it was about “desire for prize.”

14 05 2008

Swistle: Oh, but even if you didn’t want the book for yourself (say, if you’re a mother of FIVE and therefore so beyond Rookie status), it would make such a perfect gift for a pregnant with her first or new mom (say, a sister-in-law whose pregnancy announcement you are anxiously awaiting)! But I get it; I’d be hesitant to use up any luck I might have on a prize I wasn’t holding my breath for. So I’ll let it go… THIS time… 😉

14 05 2008

Caley: That’s exactly why I entered. I want to give it as a gift for my friend who is pregnant with her first! (I may also peruse it first, but shhhhhhhhhhhh). Thanks so much again!

14 05 2008

This is why I don’t throw contests. Or parties. My ego can’t take it when nobody shows up.

Fight the good fight! Keep going!

14 05 2008
Ethan's Oma

“I’ll take ‘The Rapist’ for $400 please

14 05 2008

lol@ alias!

sorry caley–but i joined up, didn’t i?!? your hi-lair-ee-us post reminds me of a pay-it-forward i TRIED to do when i first started blogging. NO ONE JOINED UP. i wanted to crawl under a rock. i didn’t delete the post so that when i’m rich and blog-famous i’ll be able to look back on my not-so-glorious days.

14 05 2008

I feel like I won still because my book arrived today from Amazon and I have to say that AndreAnna is one lucky lady because it’s a great freaking book and I’m thrilled you introduced it to me!

14 05 2008

AndreAnna: GREAT idea! And you are welcome. And I thank the lovely Rookie Moms who so generously provided the book to be given away!

aliasmother: Oh, I KNOW. Or, I SHOULD have known. I was hesitant to do the giveaway for that very reason.

Ethan’s Oma: Classic.

curlywurlygurly: And I won’t delete this one, for the same reason. Also, I LOVE your contest going on right now and am totally planning to submit my own doodle to you!

cass: I thought it was great, too. I hope you get a lot of use out of it in your own postpartum days to come!

15 05 2008

Frequent reader, but no longer a “rookie” mom – and I don’t currently have any pregnant or soon to be pregnant friends, so I figured it was best to just keep my mouth shut this time. Great idea though! Love your writing!

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