Big pimpin’

5 05 2008

So, um, hey? Do you like to eat? Do you like contests? Do you like pina coladas? Getting caught in the rain? If you’re not into yoga, if you have half a brain… Where was I? Ah, food and contests. The two lovely ladies behind my favorite food blog, Chop. Stir. Mix., are having a contest as we speak. Up for grabs: some very cool Crate & Barrel stuff. And all you have to do is go here and leave a comment and you’re entered!

SPEAKING OF FOOD: today we happened to be out around lunch time and so we ate at Friday’s, which is for sure not on my list of favorite dining locales, but it was there, and so were we, and there ya have it. Anyway, we ate a huge lunch of french fries, fried mozzarella, chicken fingers and Jack Daniels chicken strips. Do you sense a theme here? Yes, I am referring to the JD. No, not true, I’m breastfeeding, I only wish I were referring to the alcohol.

So then after lunch we hit Target and the post office, and somehow did not get home until almost five ‘o clock. And by 6, no one was really hungry for the dinner I’d had planned: chicken crepes (yeah, I can’t imagine why, after having chicken and chicken for lunch, no one was interested in A LITTLE MORE CHICKEN) in white sauce. And so we let our 3-year-old decide what was for dinner. His choice: breakfast. More specifically, he wanted Kix. I asked Ethan if he was aware that Kix are kid-tested and mother-approved; he said that he was not a child, of course he knew this. Duh.

And so that is why for dinner tonight, there were bowls of Golden Grahams and Kix all around, English muffins with strawberry jam, yogurt, and some of those Bug Bite cookie things. Not exactly chicken crepes… Not exactly gourmet. But yummy just the same. And it took about two hours less to prepare than the crepes. Sometimes you just have to have breakfast for dinner.

Anyway, back to the pimping of the food blog. If you’re tired of breakfast for dinner and need some new ideas, check out Chop. Stir. Mix. Lots and lots of ideas, and the list is growing. And might I recommend AndreAnna’s It’s-All-Fun-and-Games-Till-You-Lose-An-Eye Chili; PERFECTION. Or perhaps these little beauties. So. Good. I haven’t tried yet but sooo want to: this one, this one, and this one. Mmm. As well as like 9 others. Check ’em out, and don’t forget to leave a comment here!



2 responses

6 05 2008

Thanks so much for the pimpage! I have a Friday’s theory: I think because the start of the word gets your mind thinking in a Fri….ed direction that it almost COMPELS you to order the fried variety of everything. I haven’t been in a very very long time for this reason because it just seems impossible not to walk out with a stomach that feels like it’s been glazed and deep fried. But now, now, I want fried mozzarella with a good marinara dip more then pancakes…and that says a lot.

6 05 2008

Mmmmm, chicken fingers! Fried chicken fingers!

Now I need to go to Fridays tonight, thanks!

And thanks for this post. I appreciate it!

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