Three days of rest

4 05 2008

At the insistence of my neighbor and friend Mae, who has had to witness me hobble around for a week now, I finally made an appointment to see the doctor about my back (that I hurt while lifting and swinging Ethan during our hike in Shenandoah Thursday before last). I kept waiting and waiting for the pain to just go away on its own, which is part of the reason I’d put off making an appointment. The other part was that I didn’t want to bring both a four-month-old and a three-year-old to a doctor’s appointment. But Mae fixed that by offering to watch Ethan for me. And so, I couldn’t refuse.

And it turns out that the appointment was a joke. The doctor barely examined me (unless you call having me lie down, lifting my left leg (which didn’t hurt at all), then lifting my right leg (which invoked screams of agony), and then telling me I could get up, AN EXAM) and then proclaimed that there was nothing more she could do for me than prescribe something for the pain. She then spent the next ten minutes trying to find a pain reliever that is safe to take while breastfeeding. And then she showed me the door.

I said, “There’s nothing else you can do for me? Are there some stretches I could do at least?” This idea clearly had not occurred to her, and she then left me for nearly 15 minutes while she searched for the pamphlet with stretches. When she returned, pamphletless, she said she couldn’t find them but that one of the other doctors, “a younger doctor”, had suggested she google it. “Just goes to show you the difference between the experienced doctors and the rookies,” she huffed. Um, what? That the experienced ones waste their patients’ time and the rookies know how to get the answers?

She googled it, found what she was looking for and printed it out. I could have done this myself. The last thing she said before I left was that I should stay off my feet for 3 days before doing the stretching exercises. To which I responded, “HA!” Ok, sure, I’ll just make my potty-training-3-year-old take himself to the bathroom, and make his own lunch, and put himself down for naps. I’ll tell him it’s doctor’s orders, I’m sure he’ll understand.

In reality, it’s been more possible to pull off the 3-day-no-standing thing than I thought it would be, thanks to Jeff the Wonder Husband. He’s done more cleaning, laundry, and cooking this weekend than he’s done in his entire life. And I’ve done more sitting on the couch these past two days than I have… since… well, since I was childless. And after two days of rest, this is what I’ve found: the muscle relaxer the doctor prescribed for me? DOESN’T DO CRAP. Sure, it makes me loopy and spacey and fuzzy-brained. But the pain? Just as prevalent. So I’ve been taking Tylenol, which, surprisingly gives me a heck of a lot more relief than the space cadet pill.

And that is why the whole visit was a joke. A big old waste of my time. But I guess I can’t be too upset about it, given that back problems are generally known to be difficult to diagnose/treat. But the part I can be upset about? ANOTHER tally mark placed next to “# of Booby Fevers in the Past Four Months” because, YES, that’s right, Thursday night found me feverish yet again. I am so so very tired of being unable to care for my kids, to give them my 100% at all times. Every day it is looking more and more like I won’t be able to do this much longer. Oliver has his 4-month-check up tomorrow, and I’ll bring it up with his doctor then. But honestly, that six-month-mark I’ve been holding out for can not come fast enough.



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4 05 2008

You poor thing. Between your back and your mastitis, you must be so run down. And I know how hard it is to sit back and let someone else take the reigns.

And go get a new doctor, like STAT.

4 05 2008
Mae West

You said it AndreAnna, poor Caley is worn out and needs a vacation, STAT. That is my unprofessional opinion however.

I didn’t forget about you Jeff. As an observer of the Adam’s household I find Jeff to be quite the understanding husband. To go as far as “Wonder Husband” though, I think Caley could still be taking those loopy pills. Lets face it, husbands could always do more. he he

5 05 2008

Made my way over here from Swistle. You are hilarious, and I think from your “things about me” post, we have a lot in common. Thanks for making me smile. I needed it!

5 05 2008

AndreAnna: Oh, I WISH. Since my husband’s in the military, we have to do things THEIR way, which means I see whoever they feel like having me see that day. I get no say in the matter. It stinks. On the flip side, the basically free medical care and prescriptions does not, however.

Mae West: You’re right, husbands COULD always do more. In fact, I deleted from this post the part where I was all like, Wait a minute; so WHAT if he did laundry and cooked this weekend? I DO THAT EVERY DAY and I don’t get called Wonder WIFE for it…

Athena: You’re welcome, and thanks for reading!

aliasmother: I know, right? I would totally wear that medal with honor, though, and maybe even list it on resumes.

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