Oh my god, will she EVER stop talking about herself?

30 04 2008

Items 76 through 86 have been brought to you by the awesome Hallie, who saved me a good hour of having to come up with them on my own! And as a side note, when I was almost done, I asked Jeff for some help: “Can you help me think of three more mildly interesting things about me?” After much thought, the best he could come up with? “You used to hit your head a lot. Like, more than Chloe and Lana combined.” My husband, people. The guy who knows me better than anyone else.

Anyway, here they are, the last 25 things about me:

76. I worked at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, for two days. I went through the whole ordeal of packing up a summer’s worth of stuff, moved into the housing they have for employees, went to work ONCE and then quit at the end of the day. Packed my stuff up and drove back to Erie. My only excuse: it was food service. I’m so not strong enough to work in food service.

77. When I held Ethan for the first time, I was holding a baby for the first time.

78. I can’t breathe if the heat is on in the car. I literally feel like I’m suffocating and would rather freeze my fingers and toes off than drive with the heat on.

79. When I was in high school, my family lived all the way out on the very end of Presque Isle, a peninsula in Erie, PA. Nobody ever wanted to give me rides anywhere.

80. I once tried to teach a girl I knew from my Spanish class how to crochet while she was high. The lesson didn’t go too badly, considering. I think she even invented a few new stitches.

81. When I eat Lucky Charms (which I used to, a lot), I have to eat all the marshmallows first. Then I can eat the non-marshmallowey pieces. It’s almost like I’m eating two different bowls of cereal.

82. I went to Gannon University for one month and quit. I ended up taking a year off and then attended Penn State Behrend.

83. One time I dyed my light brown/dark blonde hair BLACK. It came out blackish with an all-over tint of green. I cried and dyed my hair twice more that night, trying to get my color back. It was gross.

84. I was a vegetarian for a year.

85. You know those infomercials for SMC, Ronco Showtime Rotisserie, Richard Simmons workouts, Video Professor, etc.? I used to work for a telemarketing company that took calls for all of these products, as well as tons of others. I worked the shift that began at 5:30am and it was AWFUL. Especially when the Foot Guy would call. He liked to talk about my (or whoever answered the phone; he didn’t discriminate) feet, what kind of shoes I was wearing, if I had socks on, if my nails were painted, what color, etc. I wonder why I didn’t make a career out of that job?

86. I announced my first pregnancy at my wedding renewal ceremony, a mere 4 months after my actual wedding. I love how tacky that almost was.

87. I can read and understand French fairly well. I suck at speaking it.

88. My favorite books growing up- there are two, it’s a tie, I just can’t choose between them: Matilda by Roald Dahl and The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I have read them both probably 50 times.

89. One day in middle school, specifically, during lunch, more specifically, while I was chewing some barbeque potato chips (Wise brand, if you must know), my jaw locked up. It stayed that way, if I remember correctly, for a few days. It turns out I had TMJ. I got to miss school and drink lots of milkshakes.

90. I never saw E.T. until it was rereleased in theaters a few years ago.

91. I’ve never broken a single bone in my body.

92. Of all the places I’ve been, by far, the coolest was the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Just amazing.

93. I wish I knew how to tie a tie. I could learn, but I’m too lazy. I guess I don’t wish it too bad.

94. I’ve never held a gun.

95. A story my mom likes to tell people: When she took me to my kindergarten screening when I was like 4, they told me to write my name, so I did, in cursive. They were all shocked and amazed and I was all, What? You said write it, not print it. Punks.

96. I had a lisp up until like age 5 or so. Basically, way after it stopped being cute.

97. I used to like to play video games. I don’t anymore, probably because I have so little free time that it kind of seems like a waste of time. My husband, who has fond memories of us sitting around back when we were dating, playing Rainbow Six and eating Laffy Taffy, likes to tell people that he was duped, that I only told him I liked video games to get him to marry me.

98. I used to take ballet, tap and jazz lessons. I was no good.

99. I’ve only ever had one traffic ticket in my whole life: On my way to work one morning, running late (it was 5:30am and still dark out), I’d stopped at a light. It was a light that was on a timer, and there were NO CARS around for miles. I was running late, and after sitting there for what felt like FOREVER, I decided I was just gonna run the light. Nobody was around. So I went. And what do you know? There was someone around; a cop, sitting right behind me at the light, so close that his headlights were hidden. He gave me a ticket. I didn’t even try to get out of it because WHAT KIND OF IDIOT RUNS A LIGHT WITH A COP RIGHT BEHIND HER?

100. My “One Crazy Night in College…” story involves killing all the alcohol in the room, then proceeding to the Nittany Lion and, uh, well, we’ll just end the story there.



9 responses

30 04 2008

I never held a gun until I met my husband. They have a house upstate NY where they have a few guns, and we target shoot. It is a lot of fun and I’m glad I learned, but I prefer the BB guns. LOL

30 04 2008

Oh, and you only have ONE “one crazy night” story from college? You should have hung out with me more! šŸ˜‰

30 04 2008

AndreAnnna: Oh no, there’s plenty; I should have said “One of my ‘One Crazy Night in College’ stories involves…” Most of them are not things I’d care to share with the world, as I found out in trying to share that one!

30 04 2008

First: I have TMJ too! It was caused by a car accident. My jaw never actually locked up but it popped all the time, and loudly. Sometimes it felt like it was on the verge of locking. I had nightmares about it locking in the fully-open position.

Second: I went to speech therapy in school until third grade. I pronounced my L’s and R’s like weak W’s. For instance, my name was Nowa, and the other girl in my therapy class, who had the same speech problem was I did, was named Katewynn, not Katelynn.

Third: Not to sound stalker-ish but I think we could be friends. šŸ™‚

30 04 2008

This was my favorite set of Caley things because I think I learned the most about you. I have the TMJ problem also – my jaw used to get stuck shut when I was playing lacrosse (stupid mouthguards), and I still have to use my hands to open my mouth all the way at the dentist. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

1 05 2008

79. living on presque isle – you should mention that it took 30 minutes to get from the entrance to your house, going the speed limit (25mph)

97. *used* to play video games – i was duped

1 05 2008

80 – while SHE was?

81 – I think I recall doing this myself… expect I was under the age of 13 and I’m sort of figuring, maybe, um… you weren’t. šŸ™‚

85 – How often did the foot guy call? How was your average handle time when he called?

93 – Want to learn something tough? Try a BOW tie. (I have no idea how to…)

95 – Can you still write in cursive?

97 – Duper. Do you at least like board games or card games?

100 – More, more!

2 05 2008

#81: Now, see, I used to do it the other way. I used to eat the cereal first and then the marshmallows, thereby saving the best for last. I also ate my sandwiches crust first, then the center. And I eat all the skin off an apple before I go back around for the insides.

Once again, I have shared too much.

5 05 2008

Nora: Mine was with the s’s; I couldn’t thay my th’th, jutht like Thindy Brady. And that’s only cute when you’re like 2. And also, it doesn’t sound stalkerish, because I’ve read your blog and I agree!

Meg: Wow, mine’s not that bad! Although if I open my mouth really wide, it’ll reach a certain point where it has to crack before it’ll open any wider. So, yes- totally awesome.

Jeff: Whatever. Take out the garbage.

Ian: 80: Yes, SHE was, and ONLY she was.

81: Nope. College age.

85: Oh, like every shift. But only during the early morning shift. It actually got to a point where if we didn’t get a call from him, we’d all wonder if he was okay, or if he’d been involved in some kind of tragic foot accident.

95: I think I only write in cursive… I hate my handwriting when I print.

97: Yes, I love board and card games. My faves are: Cranium, Hoopla, Scrabble and Boggle. Jeff bought Phase 10 today and it’s pretty fun. I can totally play board and card games without feeling like I’m wasting my time.

100: Sorry! Can’t. Totally embarrassing.

aliasmother: I am SO with you on saving the best for last. To me, when it came to Lucky Charms, the cereal WAS the best part. Weird, huh? Though, not quite as weird as eating your sandwich crust first, sorry. šŸ˜›

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