Remember when…

29 04 2008

I asked for advice concerning the Rashy McNasty boy? Thank you for all the suggestions regarding Ethan’s red, red bum. Despite being taken to the potty so often (we’ve been taking him regularly since we got back last week), he still manages to sneak a few secret poops in, though they (so far) have not remained for long. I picked up some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, as per your suggestions, for those inflamed times. And if that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll try the Aquaphor.

I nixed all unnecessary sugars? Do you know that one week after the sugar ban, I noticed I’d lost a pound? And then the next week, another pound? Which put me back at my pre-pregnant weight. Cool, no? I haven’t lost anymore weight, but I’m still at it. I almost had a setback today, as I was in Target and very suddenly found myself in the Giant Bags of Candy Aisle. I looked at them longingly for a few moments, but in the end I resisted! It felt kinda good. Not as good as a melty, rich Kit Kat would have felt, I’m sure, but still good. And also? I kind of don’t miss it that much anymore. Seriously. Never thought I’d say that.

I started saving the pennies/nickels/dimes from charities? (I explained this here; don’t worry- we’re not relying on that money to eat this week or anything.) At last count, I had about $.55; that was sabotaged, however, when my friend Jon, with good intentions, saw my Boob Job Fund jar (which is what I’m saving the change in) and dropped a handful into it one day, unaware of its true purpose. But it was somewhere around $.60 before that.

I haven’t been getting those letters and coins from charities very often anymore. I was starting to think that they finally realized they were supposed to be COLLECTING the money and not THROWING IT AWAY, but I was wrong. Yesterday the Paralyzed Veterans of America actually sent me a check for $2.50! In their letter, they outlined all the ways in which that money could help a paralyzed vet, and then instead gave the money to me. WTF? Dude, they are going about this the WRONG WAY. And also, how am I supposed to fit that check into my little jar?



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