The trip was two days; the recovery will take weeks

28 04 2008

We got back Thursday night and I am only just now getting to things like unpacking and laundry. Also, know what sucks? Coming home to a house that is covered in the remains of a hurried leave. Stuff. Everywhere. Dirty dishes. Everywhere.

But do you know what sucks even more? That I could do nothing about the mess when we got home, thanks to the fact that I was suffering from YET ANOTHER Booby Fever. Oh, and there was the minor nuisance of NOT BEING ABLE TO WALK. I was literally crawling around the house all day Friday (I hurt my back when I picked Ethan up and swung him over a combination rocky/muddy DEATHTRAP while we were hiking down to a waterfall at Shenandoah National Park). The Booby Fever didn’t come until much later (actually, it started the exact moment we pulled into the driveway around 9 o’clock Thursday night, which, if I HAVE to have a fever, is kind of nice that it waited till we got home to show up), but honestly, it was pretty much my own fault; I wasn’t diligent enough about sticking to Oliver’s feeding schedule. We were busy busy busy the whole time, and so if Oliver wasn’t acting hungry, I wasn’t feeding him. And sometimes when he was hungry, we were kind of going “Okay, Ollie, we’ll feed you AS SOON AS we get to [random destination], just a couple more minutes, promise!” It was a whole lot different than our normal day, of which the majority is spent inside the house, where he is fed on schedule, almost to the minute.

But thankfully, I’m feeling a lot better. The Booby Fever has subsided (a day and half, every time), and my back is slowly getting less painful. I’ve graduated from crawling to limping, though limping while holding an infant is not a good idea, as I’ve found out. (No, I have not dropped him… yet.) It’s helped that my awesome neighbor, Mae, the one who went on this little vacay with us, brought me get-well-roses (which her husband, currently serving overseas, actually sent to her a few days ago, but she so generously shared with me; how sweet is she?!?). Roses always make things better. (Unless you are my husband. In which case, don’t go thinking flowers will get you off the hook for everything. That statement does not apply to you.)

A few of the highlights from our two days spent in Luray, Virginia:

-Seeing the waterfall, despite the (what felt like) 40-hour car ride and 12-hour hike it took us to get there. (For future reference? Hiking with three-year-olds? In particular, MY three-year-old? Not so much.)

-The stalactite phallus. ‘Nuff said.

-The 2 (out of 4) meals that we got to enjoy WITHOUT the swarm of Crazy Black Fly Things doing their best to INVADE AND INFEST OUR BODIES. Seriously, one almost ATE Oliver.

-My very own Mountain Man.

-Sampler plates, all around!

-Fried apple dumplings with powdered sugar; YUM.

-The big creepy mannequin woman in the big old car, and her friend, Mustache Man.

-Only ONE blowout diaper the whole trip! Go, Oliver! I had packed for at least 6.

-Free samples of chocolate fudge. What? Free sugar TOTALLY falls under the Necessary category, DUH.

-Feeding Oliver his third-ever bottle (he is NOT a fan of the bottle) with one hand while simultaneously pumping, WHILE squeezed in the back seat (I get carsick if I so much as take my eyes off the road when I’m in the front seat; the back seat is my WORST ENEMY) of a moving vehicle, between two car seats, both full of whiny/fussy children.

-The two-week-old baby monkey at the rescue zoo; so cute!

Butt Beer. (Jeff and Mae thought it was Nasty; I, apparently, have no taste.)  (Or I have a taste for butt.)



4 responses

28 04 2008

But wasn’t it so worth it? I love the pics!

29 04 2008

yeah, we had a lot of fun. though the waterfall excursion may not have been worth it.

thanks for joining us mae!

29 04 2008
Mae West

Whatever Jeff, the waterfall was awesome you big baby. he he

29 04 2008

well maybe you’ve never seen Niagra Falls then 😛

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