100 things, part 3

22 04 2008

Another 25… almost there…

51. I am a lover of all types of music, but most especially country, classic rock and those stations that claim to play “the best of the 80’s, 90’s and Today”.

52. I am TOTALLY afraid of heights. You will never find me mountain climbing, bungee jumping or sky diving. Ever.

53. The last thing I ate was half a bag of Sunchips.

54. No matter what mood I’m in, I can’t help but smile every time I hear my almost-three-year-old say, “You don’t know the power of the Dark Side!

54. I am watching my husband play Call of Duty while I type this.

55. I’m only a pound or two away from my prepregnant weight, yet I am about 2 or 3 sizes bigger than my prepregnant size. Someone explain that to me?

56. I am the most forgetful person you will ever meet. I would blame it on my children, except that I’ve been this way since… man… can’t really remember… A long time, believe me.

57. I steal my son’s fruit snacks.

58. I won The Smurfs on DVD a few weeks ago.

59. Every night I say I’m going to go to bed early and I NEVER DO.

60. My favorite guilty-pleasure snack: plain Lay’s potato chips dipped in cream cheese. Fat dipped in fat. Oh, yum.

61. I used to be able to tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth, no hands, around my tongue ring.

62. I learned to drive in an old Dodge Caravan. With wood paneling on the side. You know, the fancy kind of Dodge Caravan.

63. I am DEATHLY allergic to cats. Plus I just don’t like their attitudes.

64. I got married in Denmark; it was just Jeff, myself, and 3 random Danish guys. It’s also one of my best memories, and I wouldn’t change one single thing about it.

65. I can’t resist a sale. Old Navy is probably still in business thanks solely to my business.

66. When I was pregnant with Ethan, I got a post card in the mail that announced a baby product safety seminar being held in the conference room of a nearby hotel. I forced Jeff to go with me, though he protested the whole way, on account of the SHADINESS of the whole thing. Turns out, I was DUPED, big time. It was a guy trying desperately to sell Babee Tenda products to a room full of naive pregnant women. Jeff will never let me forget this.

67. I love to bake. In fact I’m about to go bake some cupcakes as soon as I come up with another 8 things…

68. I am a sucker for Lifetime movies.

69. I wish I had an accent. Accents are so cool.

70. I’m still afraid of thunder and lightning storms.

71. I love to read; I wish I had more time for reading. If I were given an extra hour in the day to use as I please, I’d spend half of it sleeping and half of it reading.

72. One of the first things Jeff did after we got married was force me to sit down and watch the Star Wars trilogy- I’d never seen any of them! He found that difficult to cope with and could not allow me to continue that way.

73. I took cello lessons in elementary school. I quit because the cello was a bajillion times the size of me and I got tired of dragging it around. Not because I sucked.

74. I can’t whistle.

75. My whole life I was always told to speak up. My voice was so quiet no one could EVER hear me. And then I had kids. Now I never stop yelling.



13 responses

22 04 2008

#33 and #74 are the same. So you are going to have to do 26 for your last post : )

22 04 2008

Hallie: Yeah, I just put that there to test you. Good job- you passed!

No, I totally did not realize I’d already put that! I must be running out of things to say about myself. Those last 26 are going to be rough…

22 04 2008

1) I don’t think we can be friends anymore since you like country music.

2) I have never seen Star Wars either and my husband thinks this makes me a communist.

3)I learned to drive a Hyundai excel. HAWT.

4) I can’t whistle either.

And my cats think you suck. They said so. 😉

23 04 2008

another star wars wife checking in…i actually had the nerve to FALL ASLEEP in the theater when we were watching one of the many, many episodes.

but does your husband have an entire room filled with little star wars action men and the 1978 death star thingy with an elevator? these are things my husband assures me are ‘must haves.’

thankfully we don’t have kids…my huzz hates to share his toys.

23 04 2008

oh, and i learned to drive in a honda civic–5 speed manual transmission. i know, i know…i’m so cool.

and my cat (who hates me) wants you to get a dog.

28 04 2008

#52 – I’m so afraid of heights that I get scared when I see people that are near heights. Like when I was in New Zealand and people were leaning over the perfectly sound railing overlooking the river. Despite being 15+ feet away, my heart was pounding.

#54 – This is a cop-out. Honestly…

#55 – Muscle weighs more than fat.

#61 – How do you forget how to do that? Also: H-O-T.

#64 – That was an awesome story. You have written that up, right?

#70 – Susan doesn’t like them either. Plus she jumps at any loud noise, even expected ones.

29 04 2008

Ian: #54- I know. I admit it. But I was stretching- 100 things is a lot, you know? Plus, he had just said it to me. I’m going to try to get it on video because it really is the cutest thing EVER.

#61- I haven’t forgotten; the ‘used to’ was because I don’t have my tongue pierced anymore.

#64- Yep: https://caleyadams.wordpress.com/2007/11/02/traditional-ours-was-not/

29 04 2008

I just noticed there are two #54s. Oops, except that it looks like I made up for the whistling thing without even knowing it.

29 04 2008


i have a problem with this one

“54. I am watching my husband play Call of Duty while I type this.”

as i have not played call of duty in about 2 months. it was either frontlines: fuel of war or rainbow six: vegas 2.

also, there are two #54s btw.

29 04 2008

Agreed – 100 things is a lot. Notice, however, you don’t see me attempting this feat!

And if he made a point of telling you how “cute” it was to see you typing and watching, then, ok, fine.

29 04 2008

Jeff: What’s the difference? You run around and shoot things…

Ian: No, he made no point whatsoever. It was a cop-out, plain and simple. Also, I had thought you were referring to the Darth Vader 54, which is also slightly cop-outish.

Hopefully 76-100 will be less repetitve/confusing/cop-outey!

29 04 2008

Oh – I think the Darth Vader 54 is awesome and not that bad of a cop-out. I can just imagine hearing it! 🙂

So is Jeff getting GTA:IV? That’d be a run around and shoot things game, with multiplayer outside of just shooting each other. When we get back from San Diego, I’ll be looking for people to play with…

Also, we need more from Jeff.

30 04 2008

no, haven’t got gta4 yet. Even though everyone on my friends list is playing it. I won’t be caving to the peer pressure… yet.

Send me a FR though if you want to play some cod4, rb6, shadowrun, frontlines, or some splinter cell.

Not sure how Caley’s going to feel about me using her blog to promote video games. 😉

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