One week

21 04 2008

Jeff has the week off from work. He had accumulated some leave and was told to ‘use it or lose it’ and so wisely we are using it. It’s a rainy rainy day today, and we started it off (well, I started it off) by mixing up a batch of AndreAnna’s It’s-All-Fun-And-Games-Til-You-Lose-An-Eye Chili; it’s in the crock pot now, with a few more hours to go, and it is smellin’ up the house in an AWESOME way. I actually just snuck a taste a few minutes ago, and Oh Baby. So good.

(Speaking of chili, I have a confession to make: I’ve never actually had chili before. I KNOW. I think once, back in college, my friend Eric and his housemate Goat (what is a college story without someone named Goat?) made chili, and they forced me to try it, owed to the fact that it was apparently the best chili in the world, but I don’t remember what it tasted like. (Clearly a sign of the best, no?) And so it doesn’t count. This was years before (though not that many) I ever got pregnant, though, and so I still ate like a 12-year-old (grilled cheese and chicken nuggets and NOTHING ELSE, basically), and chili was not something my palate was willing to accept. Once I got pregnant, however, I developed a taste for EVERYTHING, with the exception of mushrooms. Thank you, pregnancy; you are a gift that keeps on giving.)

I also went to the post office today, an errand that is approximately a hundred million times easier when done with one child. Ethan wore his new monster rain boots (a TCP sale item, $6.99!), and though they fit him perfectly, he was convinced that they were much too big and it took us four minutes to walk the 20 feet across the parking lot. I assured him that they were not going to fall off his feet, but nevertheless, he was near tears as we approached the curb where he would have to actually lift his foot to make it up to the sidewalk. A torturous 15 minutes later, I was thankful for Jeff’s day off and the fact that he was at home with Oliver, because it was a long 8 minutes that we spent crying in the rain over (imagined) too-big monster boots. I was also glad that I did not pay the full $18.50 for them, since he’ll probably be refusing to wear them ever again.

We’re continuing Day 1 of Jeff’s week off by working on a budget, something that we have been meaning to do for… let’s see… we’ve been married for 4 years next month, so… 3 years and 11 months. We are doing this while Oliver sits on the couch in between us, chilling with his Boppy and his stuffed bear rattle thing, and while Ethan sits in his room screaming that he doesn’t want to nap. He hasn’t napped in close to two months now, I think. But despite this, I still put him in his room regularly, and he has to stay there but he does not have to nap. He usually spends the whole time “reading” books or playing quietly, which is A O K by me. I need that hour or so to get things done, and to keep from losing my mind. But I wonder when it’s not okay anymore, when I should just give up the charade already. A screaming angry voice coming from his general direction is insisting that NOW is that time. But then what? When will I ever get dinner prep and laundry done, or the house somewhat picked up?

On Wednesday, we’re going here, staying at a hotel for a night, and then going here Thursday, as well as taking in some of the views here. I thought we could use a little mini-vacay, and this seemed like something Ethan would really enjoy. The rest of Jeff’s time off of work will be spent clearing junk out of Hot Spots like the storage shed and laundry room. We realized a few days ago that someone is ready to move from his bassinet to a crib, and UH OH, there is literally nowhere to put it. Hopefully we’ll have a place to put the crib before Jeff’s week off is up. Otherwise, we’ll have to look into hammocks for babies. Which I’m sure are totally safe, right?



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21 04 2008

Ooo how fabulous -that chili is so delish you are in for a treat!

What a great time for a week off too – all that spring organizing and cleaning and the Caverns look SO SO cool – you’ll have to tell us all about it!

21 04 2008

We have the amby baby hammock and I loooooved it! I have to bust it out for Sawyer soon.

Hope you have a great week!

21 04 2008

cass: You were right- delish! It was awesome. 🙂

AndreAnna: When I said we’d need a baby hammock, I was literally imagining us screwing something into the walls and attaching a netting type thing to make a hammock, like a regular one only baby-sized. Way up high since we’ve run out of room on the floor. I was joking, of course.

I was not aware that they make baby hammocks- SAFE ONES- like you mentioned! No wonder Charlotte liked hers- it looks comfy!

22 04 2008
Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry

Never, ever give up the charade of nap time. Not until full day school. Moms NEED that time – DESPERATELY.

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