We’re no strangers to loooove

16 04 2008

Oliver laughed for the first time in his whole life last night. It was one of the best sounds I’ve ever heard in mine.

But what was it he laughed at? Was it his Daddy’s funny faces? One of his silly toys? Some of that infamous gas babies are known to get a kick out of? No. It was this man:

More specifically, this man and his only dance move that he does over and over again. Or it may have been me he was laughing at, as I sang along. Probably some combination of the two. Either way, how much do I miss Pop Up Video?? Also, my kid loves 80’s music. Fetching!

*EDITED: For some reason when you click ‘play’ on the video, you get a message saying that the video isn’t available. I can’t figure out what the problem is, since the video IS, in fact, available, so just click here instead. Thanks to Hallie for pointing it out!



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16 04 2008

It says the video is no longer available.

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