I’m an aunt!

15 04 2008

But more importantly….

My boys are cousins!

Alright, most importantly: my little sister is a mommy!

Myla Alice, who looks exactly like her mother, arrived last night, all 7lbs. 12 oz. of her. She was delivered via C-section after many hours of labor, but was well worth the wait. Mother and baby are doing well.

There is even some speculation that she may share the Weird Toe Situation with her cousin Oliver. I’ll keep you posted.

I can’t wait to meet her!



6 responses

15 04 2008

Congratulations! Cute baby. When do you get to meet her?

15 04 2008

OH CONGRATULATIONS! Oh oh oh, what happy news and what a beautiful baby!

15 04 2008
Mae West

I am so happy for you and your sister, it’s about time she had that baby and what a beautiful baby she is! Good job Mom!!!

15 04 2008

Congratulations on the new member of your family! 🙂

(And please send some Auntie Dust my way. I want a niece or nephew really bad because I’m not having another kid for at least, like, eleven years.)

15 04 2008

I just read this post again and was all, Wha?… My boys are BROTHERS, not cousins… that sounds weird. ANYWAY…

Thanks for the well wishes, I will pass them along to Cristey!

Hallie: Unfortunately, not until June, when we go to Erie for a wedding, a graduation, and to celebrate Ethan’s birthday. She’ll probably be crawling by then!

Nora: I’ll put some Auntie Dust in the mail and send it up North tomorrow!

(And if I knew where Swistle lived, I’d mail her some, too…)

20 04 2008

congrats! your sis can kiss her beauty sleep goodbye… 🙂 (or so i’ve been told…)

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