100 things, part 2

14 04 2008

Twenty-five more things you had no idea you wanted to know about me!

26. The very first movie I ever saw in a theater was Oliver & Co.

27. I LOVE to knit, and find it impossible to sit through a TV show or a movie without knitting something.

28. I’ve had my ears pierced countless times (most at one time: 4 holes in one ear), my eyebrow pierced once, my belly button pierced (by friends, with a needle and an ice cube, OUCH) once, and my tongue pierced twice. All that remains are the ear piercings, and I’m down to just one hole per ear.

29. I smoked a cigarette once in my whole life.

30. I can’t stand long showers. Get in, get out; any longer is a waste of time and water.

31. I helped to start a short-lived lacrosse club at my high school.

32. I was a Girl Scout for many years. I loved the uniform.

33. I can’t whistle.

34. I would consider being made to eat creamed corn punishment for something Very Bad.

35. My first car was an ’89 Ford Escort (this was in ’99), whom I called Peter. Peter was never a very reliable car. One time while I was driving, one of his wheels fell off. No joke.

36. I used to eat peanut butter and brown sugar sandwiches all the time when I was little. Then: Mmm. Now: Bleh?

37. I had braces for 2 years.

38. The first CD I ever bought was Green Day “Dookie”.

39. I was a die-hard NKOTB fan. (Joey was my favorite.) I even, along with 6 friends, entered the talent show in 3rd grade, doing a dance to “The Right Stuff”. We wore matching neon spandex shorts, and t-shirts (that we’d puffy painted; remember puff paint?) tied off to the side in a knot.

40. If I had to pick only one food to eat for the rest of my life, it would be the potato. Is there any other food as versatile?

41. I could kick your tush in Boggle. Yes, that is a challenge.

42. In my earliest memory, I’m in nursery school, sitting in a sandbox that is filled with cornmeal instead of sand. There is a green bucket next to me.

43. I would love to edit/proofread for a living. Perhaps I will pursue this once my babies aren’t babies anymore.

44. I loathed seafood, until we went to Hawaii last year and I had, among other things, crab macadamia nut won tons. Oh. Yum.

45. My favorite color changes daily. Today it is turquoise.

46. I’m a hoarder. I can’t throw anything away without thinking, But wait, there’s a .00002% chance that I could use this bread bag for something someday!

47. When I was younger I preferred to sit and read a book rather than go outside and play. I still do.

48. I couldn’t sing on key to save my life.

47. I love how babies don’t mind what you sound like when you sing, they just adore being sung to.

48. I once spent more money on going to/being in a friend’s wedding than I spent ON MY OWN.

49. I never question authority figures. I HATE this about myself.

50. I have about a bazillion dollars in school debt. I have ZERO credit card debt.



4 responses

14 04 2008

Being a proofreader/editor is not all it’s cracked up to be, believe me. It’s a suck-ass field.

Oh, and I accept your boggle challenge.

En garde!

15 04 2008
ethans oma

#47…..True ! Even if I could kick her out of the house to go out and play, when I would look outside to check on her, there she was….up in a tree……READING !! (not that I’m insinuating that the other items are NOT true)

15 04 2008

28. From what I hear (not that I would know this for any reason at all), you were VERY BRAVE during the belly button piercing. But once again, it’s not like I was there or anything. Or pushing something sharp through your skin. Because that would be foolish.

15 04 2008

AndreAnna: Uh oh. You mean it’s NOT THE SAME as when I used to edit my friends’ papers in college? Boo.

meg: Yeah, very brave… or VERY STUPID. Not that I didn’t trust the piercer’s piercing skills or anything. And if I recall… didn’t this whole debacle take TWO DAYS to complete? Like, we couldn’t get the needle all the way through the first day, and had to wait till the next day to complete the piercing???

I’m only asking in case maybe perhaps you heard something about that, too, from your source, the one who told you I was VERY BRAVE?

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