He’s busting out of these, Hulk-style

10 04 2008

Dear Gerber,

I know that all babies are not created equal, size-wise, but…

What the eff?

See that onesie on the right? That’s a Carter’s First Years onesie, size 3-6 months.

And that one on the left? YOU made that one. And you CLAIM that it, too, is a size 3-6 months. Again I ask you, What the heck?

Gerber, Gerber, Gerber. Have you not been in the Baby Business ever since people were in the business of making babies? I saw your name and logo on this product, and I trusted it, and purchased three packages (which, don’t EVEN get me started on why you sell them in packs of two; who buys only two onesies? When I need onesies, I NEED ONESIES, because all the other ones be pooped up!, and because they’re like undershirts, or socks, and when was the last time you went out and bought your husband a single pair of Hanes socks, HUH, Gerber?). Three. Which I opened up and threw right into the washer when I got home. That’s right, in the washer. Which means Target kind of won’t allow me to return them for the more appropriate size (which, given your track record, is probably gonna have to be a men’s XXL; do they make adult onesies?).

The only time my son was ever small enough to actually fit in this little tissue you call a onesie, he was 6 months, in the womb.

I’m thinking perhaps you might want to stick to the mashed veggies in a cute little jar, Gerber.


Mama to Abnormally Ginormous Infant, Apparently



9 responses

10 04 2008

Which is why I never bought anything that said three months on it. Because after 5 infants, I wasn’t willing to trust ANY of them….

10 04 2008

I don’t even buy Gerber onesies anymore, because I was so annoyed that my baby would be in size 12 months at age 3 months, when he was totally in the normal growth curves. I buy the Carter’s ones and the Old Navy ones now, and like them better anyway (stretchier).

10 04 2008

I’m a big fan of Carter’s and Childrens Place onesies. I find Gerbers are too shoddy, the material is too thin and non-stretchy like Swistle said.

Down with Gerber I say!

11 04 2008

Found you thru Swistle. Don’t you love how a 3-6 month size is different EVERYWHERE you go? My twins are currently wearing 12-18 month clothing, but still in 9-12 month onesies. What’s that all about?

11 04 2008

I’m totally with you on this and have complained about it before. I was given a ton of Gerber onesies in all different sizes at my baby shower. At 4 1/2 months, the Buddha Baby is currently almost outgrown the 6-9 month size. The Carter’s 3-6 month still have room left in them.

I mean, it’s fine if Gerber only wants to make onesies for premies, but they should label them as such. The Carter’s fabric is so much softer, anyway. Down with Gerber. Boo hiss.

11 04 2008

I should have asked you all before I went and bought these onesies! “Down with Gerber!” is apparently the consensus, I wish I’d known… 🙂

Also, now that you mention it, AndreAnna, the Gerber ones ARE shoddy- I guess I’d forgotten all the unraveled threads and holes in seams that seemed to appear after just a few washes when Ethan still wore onesies.

That’s ok- I’ll give the Gerber ones to my sister, who’s due date was today (11th). They SHOULD fit her newborn. And given the frequency of newborn diaper blowouts, she won’t have to ruin any of her nice clothes. They’ll be like, disposable onesies.

12 04 2008

Haven’t had a problem with the size yet. However, almost all of my Gerber onesies and receiving blankets that have blue turned lavender. I just used Dreft, but you’d think that I bleached them. I did the same as you. I just trusted the Gerber name & threw them all in the washing machine. Down with Gerber!!!

14 04 2008

Thank goodness you wrote this…because I honestly had no idea that all onesies weren’t created equal.

14 04 2008

We’ve encountered the same thing, with the same products. We do, however, have a bit of a larger infant, so we haven’t been too surprised with the whole gig.

The photo, though, is a perfect representation. I think this will become a very popular post… I predict you’ll still see hits on this one in a year.

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