He said, She said

9 04 2008

Ethan almost knocked over the mirror (one of those free-standing kind) in my room today when he pushed on it, something I’ve told him not to do, oh, about A KAJILLION TIMES. Angry with him for doing something he knew was naughty, but more scared at what could have happened had I not stopped the mirror from falling, thereby saving his beautiful skull, I grabbed him and hugged him hard while saying, “Ethan James, you DO NOT TOUCH THE MIRROR! Haven’t I told you this a million times? If you touch it you might knock it over and it could fall on you and give you a bad, bad boo-boo. Then you would cry and be sad. You have to be more careful, sweetie.”


This evening, while Jeff was giving him his bath, Ethan apparently attempted to jump out of the bathtub. Jeff’s reprimand went something like this: “Ethan, you DO NOT JUMP IN THE TUB! You could slip and fall and break your head open! And then your brain and lots of blood would spill out. Then the paramedics would have to come and try to stuff your brain back in. You would be broken, and probably a paraplegic for the rest of your life. And you’d drool a lot. No jumping in the tub.”



One response

10 04 2008

Mike does that all the time!

He’ll tell my four yr old nephew: “Don’t put the balloon in your mouth. It could pop and could inhale the piece and choke on them and DIE!”

After my glaring look, he says, “well, he COULD.”

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