Maybe its my neglected sweet tooth talking…

4 04 2008

My body to me, literally two days ago: Wait, what? We’re not pregnant anymore? What? Are you SURE? Well, okay then…

And instantaneously, my skin: gone to CRAP; my nails: completely stopped growing; my hair: falling out in engorged-boob-sized HANDFULS.

I don’t have anywhere to go with this, I just needed to get it out, because, dude, am I really three months postpartum, in the trenches of the Hell Dimension, as Swistle so RIGHTLY named it, actually, really, SERIOUSLY missing being pregnant? Uh. No. That cannot be. Next thing you know I’ll be wanting another baby.

Someone remind me that I HAVE ONE, and that taking care of him and a sick toddler is NO PICNIC, and neither is that whole labor thing, either, please, k?

Oh, and also: the no sugar thing. It was going fabulously, despite the fact that Jeff has consumed both a bag of Rainbow Twizzlers and a box of Junior Caramels right in front of my face. I’m pretty sure that had something to do with my fall from the wagon. But don’t worry! It was a short fall, a one-time thing, and I landed on this:


If I only slipped up for this one piece of chocolate (which was totally worth it) all week long, then I consider my efforts so far a success, and I’m not giving up yet. Not until I pick which cupcake recipe I want to try first before I return this book to Meg. Then I’ll give up, and I won’t care because I’ll be giving up with a cinnamon sugar puff cupcake in each hand.



3 responses

4 04 2008

I am the SAME WAY: I’ll be totally overwhelmed with the baby I HAVE, and I’m daydreaming about another and hoping I skip a period. Sigh.

Also, that chocolate photo is mesmerizing.

5 04 2008

Swistle: I KNOW; what is UP with that? Its like I think I need to populate the whole world or else our species will cease to exist and it’ll be ALL MY FAULT. Or something.

14 04 2008

Wow, I’m 3 months post-partem today and everything you say is happening to me too. My hair falling out is the grossest thing in the world. All those gross things while I was pregnant don’t have anything on how much I hate that I’m shedding all over my clothes, my pillow, my shower. My baby!!! I keep opening his tight little fists and finding my hair in there. My skin started breaking out last week and my cuticles are all raggedy and sore. Oh, plus my pregnancy belly was nice and tight and firm. Now there is something happening around my middle that reminds me of a bag of flan. You speak of cupcakes and that’s pretty much what’s happening with my pants! I don’t want to be pregnant again because I’m just too tired, but isn’t there anything that can make this all stop?

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