“Hate on Caley” day, didn’t they tell you?

2 04 2008

It’s totally cool that my toddler can talk now and everything, but does he really have to be so honest?

Ethan just said to me: “Mommy, you a little yucky. You need take a shower.”



2384212080_862989634d_m.jpgText from my sister this morning: “My water broke!”

I got all excited, freaking out (she’s not due till the 11th), wishing for the 100th time that I could be there (she lives 6.5 hours away in Pennsylvania). I even said to Ethan, “Auntie Cristey’s having her baby! You’re gonna have a cousin soon!” He just looked at me and said, “Open this, pease.” And I was just about to text Jeff that he was going to be an uncle soon! when she texted me:

“April Fool’s!… a day late.”

She got me. I’m so easy.



2 responses

3 04 2008
ethans oma

If it’s any consolation, she feels really bad that she tricked you…

3 04 2008

Okay, that was TOTALLY CHEATING. Even the most savvy of April Fool’s Day Joke Sleuths wouldn’t be expecting it on APRIL SECOND. From someone due in 9 days.

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