Cutting it out

28 03 2008

I am cutting sugar out of my diet. Okay, not all sugar; just the unneccesary sugar (candy: King, Fun, and every shape and size in between; and also, Little Debbie). I’d been thinking about doing this for awhile, and then I read Swistle’s ‘Sugar Addict’ post this morning and thought, Today is a Good Day to start. I mean, it’s technically a Bad Day, since no more sugar = Bad, and any day without it = Bad Bad Bad. But you know.

I wasn’t sure if I’d say I was addicted to the stuff; I was thinking about it this morning and this is how my thought process went:

I’m certainly not addicted to sugar.
It’s good, yeah. And I love it. But I love a lot of things.
Sure, candy is on that list. Specifically chocolate.
Mmm. I do love chocolate.
But addicted?
I mean, I could stop anytime I wanted to.
Couldn’t I?

And when I couldn’t answer that with a ‘yes’ I decided, Well then, clearly I need to.

Not making this an easy decision:

  • The Easter basket sitting on the kitchen counter filled with candy that my son has all but forgotten about.
  • The clearance aisle filled with Easter candy that I walked through longingly at Target this morning.
  • My sweet tooth and its incessant juvenile SHOUTING at me all day long.
  • The Little Debbie Easter Basket cakes sitting in the pantry, looking all cute and springy and YUMMY.
  • The next holiday to come up, whatever it may be, that will undoubtedly require the purchasing of holiday-related candies to fill up the strategically placed candy dishes around the house.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my massive sugar intake has a lot to do with the last couple of pounds of pregnancy weight that’s still sticking around. I also suspect that this change will not come as welcome news to my husband, who can eat his weight in Rainbow Twizzlers, and will cry a thousand tears when I tell him I will no longer be supplying his habit.

I will be crying right along with him.



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28 03 2008

I’ve done this before, and really, you can do it. Once you get through the first week or so, the cravings subside and you are empowered to say no.

Then again, this was years ago before children sucked the will to live, let alone the will to resist candy.

God speed.

28 03 2008

P.S. The “God speed” thing was a joke in case you were too tired to get it. LOL

29 03 2008
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29 03 2008

Hmmm…well I guess I won’t bring the chocolate chip cookie topped brownies that I was going to make for breakfast dessert tomorrow.

29 03 2008

meg: Think, ‘grandfather clause’. Had you already been planning the chocolate-topped chocolate with chocolate on the side dessert? Then it’s allowed. By all means, its allowed. I’m nothing if not a stickler for the rules.

29 03 2008

Hey, there, crazy girl, let’s take a minute and think this out. I’m going to take it slowwwwww. Like, several years to THINK about giving up sugar. Then another year to start cutting down on sugar. Then another year to do it over again because I’ve relapsed. Etc.

30 03 2008
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