Is it still snooping if you have my permission?

27 03 2008

Curlywurlygurly and her refrigerator have inspired me.

Let’s pretend I’ve invited you over for tea and crumpets, or pizza and beer, whatever you like (you can have apple juice and caviar for all I care, this is PRETEND). (Or you could be my real-life neighbor, who is for real coming over for real-life dinner tonight, and gets to partake of THIS heavenly creation; jealous, much?) You will no doubt at some point while in my home excuse yourself to use the bathroom, and what’s the first thing you’ll do once you’re in there? Uh huh. You’ll snoop. The medicine cabinet is the #1 snooped-in place of all time, did you know that? (Did you also know that I enjoy making up statistics?)

Go ahead, have yourself a good look. His:


And hers:


(We don’t have separate cabinets; just separate sides.)

My, that was a boring snoop, wasn’t it? No medicine bottles from 1996, no random items that actually don’t even belong in there, nothing embarrassing. The only things even of any interest to note:

– Those Breathe Right nose strip things (Hers, top shelf)? Don’t waste your money.

– The bottle of Herbal Essences hair gel (Hers, bottom shelf)- if hair gel has an expiration date, this one’s met it, and then some. I have had it since… oh, probably 2001. I occasionally use a pea-sized amount now and then when I let my hair remain in its natural curly state. And I can’t even give you a good reason as to why I still have it; I have about 10 other bottles that serve the same purpose, only they’re newer and they work better. I might maybe kind of hoard things? A little?

-I have two different deodorants in my side (Hers, bottom shelf). I like options.

-That Listerine bottle (His, bottom shelf) is empty. You may want to refill it.

-Partially hidden by the cabinet door is a travel-size bottle of nail polish remover (His, bottom shelf) (from when we went to Hawaii last year). In a baggie. Because it spilled while in my luggage. Thank goodness for the baggie, right? But… why I do still have it?

-One of the items in Jeff’s side is a hair product. Jeff has no hair.

-And the juiciest item of the bunch: hiding behind the Vick’s Baby Rub (His, top shelf) is a prescription bottle of stool softeners from when Oliver was born. Thankfully, they weren’t ever needed this postpartum time around, though I could have bought stock in them with my first PP experience.



5 responses

27 03 2008
ethans oma

MMMMMMMmmmmmm that cake looks SO good !!!! what flavor is it ? I hope you make it some time for your dear old Mom….

27 03 2008

lol! i’m not quite this brave. can you answer one question though? why does your husband have midol on his top shelf? 🙂

27 03 2008

Ooooh, I may do this!

And we use the same face wash, deodorant, and face lotion!! I also switch between two deodorants – the dove and degree “black dress” clear.

27 03 2008

ethans oma: I was thinking of bribing you to come down for a visit with that cake. Does this mean you’ll accept my bribe?

curlywurlygurly: Ha! I didn’t even notice that. Actually that top shelf is kind of like the ‘community’ shelf; it’s got medicines, band aids etc., that have no place else to go.

AndreAnna: I LOVE that face wash; it’s like the simplest, fragrance-free clean you can get.

27 03 2008
Mae West

I should have read your blog earlier then I would have known I had permission to snoop in your medicine cabinet then I wouldn’t have felt so bad after I did it. (JK) or am I, you’ll never know. Now I have to go clean out mine for when you come over. (he he) Oh, and Ethan’s oma, that cake was good!! Caley, your so funny, I love reading your blog, glad you and Jeff told what a blog was!!!

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