He’s making me post this

26 03 2008

Ok, that’s not true. I offered to post it; I meant to edit my original post on Monday but I forgot. What I wanted to say was that, as Jeff so gracefully pointed out, his actual words in that text message re: manual labor were: “Sorry. Ive been doin manual labor all morning. Trade u!” In Jeff’s words: “I was merely expressing my sympathy, and commiserating with you, because I wasn’t having any fun either. And was jovially suggesting we switch things up out of sanity’s sake, not because ‘your job is easier’.”

Knowing this now, I go, Okay, cool, that’s all I had wanted in the first place. But what you SAY and what you MEAN can be two completely different things in the Texting World. I don’t doubt there have been fights caused by texting miscommunications that have led to divorce.

In addition, Jeff wanted me to make clear that the third item, in which I state that he woke me up to make him a lunch, only ever occurred because I volunteered to get up and make his lunch for him. Not because he is incapable or unwilling.

Ahem. For anyone not married and reading this, take note: this is me, keeping the marital peace. You do what you have to.



2 responses

27 03 2008
ethans oma

I have witnessed, first hand, many misunderstandings due to texting. And yet I continue to do it.

27 03 2008

We have miscommunications like that just in talking. Which is probably why we don’t text. Someone would surely end up dead.

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