A little pluggy

4 03 2008

Question:  If someone says he noticed that the toilet was “a little pluggy,” but did nothing about it, just let the toilet go on with its regularly scheduled business throughout the day, does the responsibility of plunging the toilet fall to that person?

Or does it fall to the last person to use it before the toilet burped its refusal to flush?



3 responses

5 03 2008

it’s like jenga; no matter how wobbly it gets, it’s all good till the last person makes it fall.

5 03 2008

I think the person who caused the problem should fix it!!! Not leave it for the poor soul who comes next.

6 03 2008

Plunging the toilet is always the responsibility of the adult in the house who is not breastfeeding because breastfeeding outweighs many other household and childcare tasks.

And hey, I didn’t know you’re from MAINE!

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