We’re like, 12

2 03 2008

Me: *sniff, sniff* What is that smell? Do you smell that?

Jeff: I don’t smell anything.

Me: Seriously? *sniff, sniff* Did you fart?

Jeff: Uh, I’m just farting right now…

Me: *eyes wide with amazement* I just smelled INTO THE FUTURE!

Jeff: You’ve got… ESPU!



5 responses

3 03 2008

That is hysterical! I need to use that!

3 03 2008

YES! I love it!

5 03 2008

Sometimes, I think *I* have ESPU….its amazing!!! Oh to have a name for it. :o)

5 03 2008

ESPU… both a gift and a curse. You’re hilarious.

6 03 2008

I told this story to at least 3 people, and little ears must have overheard because yesterday during naptime my daughter said out of the blue, ‘I have ESPU’ then laughed at herself.

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