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28 02 2008

My mom e-mailed me a picture of my brother and I she just found. She said she thought Ethan would get a kick out of seeing Mommy as a baby, wearing a cape (I was fashionable even then). Ethan took one look at it…


and all he had to say was: “They’re scary.”


I could be counting my chickens before they’ve hatched or whatev, but we may have found a house! It’s got the space we need, a backyard (which is something Ethan’s never had, so it was a big selling (or renting, as the case may be) (and, in fact, is) (I know, we’re just throwing our money away, I KNOW) point for me), it’s the very last house on a quiet dead-end street, with woods and a park to the back and one side, and it’ll keep Jeff’s daily commute under two hours round trip.


However, before we make the final decision, we’re going to have to really do some soul-searching and ask ourselves The Big Question: just how, exactly, do we feel about gold-speckled mirrors? Because, I kid you not, one entire wall in the dining room is covered in GOLD-SPECKLED MIRRORS. There’s also about 4 other gold-speckled 8×8 mirrors randomly placed throughout the house (not to mention the cluster of mirrors (gold-speckled ones? Why, YES!) on the wall behind the bar in the family room (did I just say there’s a bar in the family room? Uh huh. Guess that’s one way to make it through Elmo’s World for the 973rd time), lest the memory of the Wall ‘o Gold-Speckled 70’s Inspired Fun leave you for even a moment. Like little surprise attacks around every corner. And can we handle that? We’ll have to think about it some more.


Oliver had his two-month check up today, and all is well- he’s in the 75th percentile for his weight, which is better than I’d been expecting to hear (that being the yourbabyisfat-th percentile). The doctor asked at the end of the exam if I had any questions or concerns. I said yes, in fact- a concern:


His yummy little crazy toes! (Their craziness from another angle.) She said that’s how they’ll be his whole life, but not to worry, because he’s a guy and “guys don’t care what their feet look like.” (Yeah, I was surprised to learn that she’d met EVERY MALE IN THE WORLD and questioned his feelings towards his feet, too.) But she also said that it’s possible he could have some trouble learning to walk on his mangled foot. I’m not worried about that, though, since walking won’t be an issue as I plan to make him stay a baby FOREVER.

Toe deformation or not, he remains the most beautiful baby I know, who currently has draped himself across my torso in a sweaty, drooley, blobby mess, his feet kicking my laptop further and further away, while he attempts to sleep off his two-month-old shot hangover. Poor Monster Foot.


Ethan doesn’t always sleep during his naps these days, but I still go through the ritual of putting him down at noon each day. I do it more for my sanity than his energy level, honestly; he can gogogo just fine without a nap, give or take a meltdown or two. But if I don’t get that hour to get a few things done around the house (whilst strategically passing the dish of Starburst jellybeans 47 times or more) without the “Mommy, get me this, NOW!” song playing on repeat, then things get Ugly.

So a lot of times he just stays in his room quietly playing or “reading” his books to himself for that hour (or, like that one memorable time, playing Hide ‘n Seek with himself). He must have been reading a really great book during naptime a few days ago, because he fell asleep on his couch, on a pile of books:



samoas200x170.jpgI don’t have a photo of my own to go with this one. That’s because, Where are my freaking Girl Scout cookies??? I keep reading about other (lucky) bloggers who are as we speak devouring their Tagalongs and Samoas. Jeff ordered me some through someone at work (or SO HE SAYS), but they are not in my possession. Which, as Ethan likes to say- What a heck??? Even worse, Jeff is currently out-processing from work, getting ready to start his new job in like, a week. What if my cookies don’t make their way to me before he says goodbye Virginia, hello DC? WHAT THEN? No, it is too horrible an idea to entertain.

You can buy Girl Scout cookies on E-Bay, right? Because I’m not above that.



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28 02 2008

That looks very similar to my house from the outside, with different colors. And we do not, under any circumstances, have gold speckled anything. Luckily, that kind of stuff can all be changed pretty easily though.

28 02 2008

I love those toes too! If there are any left after you eat them, I may want them. 🙂

My dad just bought a bunch of Girl Scout Cookies and is giving me some Thin Mints. Bring it on!

28 02 2008
ethans oma

At least you got to order some GS cookies !!! I did not see, or hear of, anyone to order them from……I’m going to have to resort to hanging out at walmart after church until they set up their tables out front. Congratulations on the new job to Jeff, and hope you all enjoy your new home, and save some of those delicious toes for me. I will be there soon to spoil my babies while you pack for the move.

28 02 2008

Our house is similar and had huge panels of gold-flecked plastic all OVER the place. We couldn’t face it, and luckily our painter said he could take them down and skim-coat the damaged surfaces underneath, so it was gone before we moved in.

We still have the gold-flecked countertops, though, and the gold-flecked light fixture. What WAS it with the ’60s and their gold flecking?

AWWWWW, TWO nummy babies, one in a cape and one in toe-close-up!

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