22 02 2008

Two weeks, and this coffee thing has lost its effectiveness. My eyes hurt, they are droopy, I’m sluggish, and I fantasize about naps. And I had a cup of coffee nearly an hour ago. That’s not right, is it? Lack of energy makes me too tired to join sentences in a seamless way. You get bullets today:

•My two month old weighs 15 pounds. Wha…?

•House hunting is THE DEVIL. If we find something we like, then inevitably we find out someone has turned in their accepted application only HOURS before we found it. And the area most convenient for us to live is apparently the scariest, gangiest, most crime-ridden place IN THE WORLD. Um, no thank you? Now we are back to looking for places closer to where we live now, resulting in a nice long (hopefully free of McDonald’s food being thrown at the car by our fellow drivers) commute for Jeff. Small price to pay, of course, when in exchange we get to keep all of our possessions and, you know, STAY ALIVE.

-I am still having to hiss “Get OUT of Oliver’s FACE!” at Ethan a billion times a day.

•Ethan has started calling Oliver by a nickname- Little Buddy- that he came up with all on his own. I heard him talking to Oliver a few days ago (“Oh, your teeks (cheeks) are so skishy (squishy), Little Buddy!”), and have heard him say similar things many times since (“Look at your hands, Little Buddy, they’re so small! You have baby hands!” and “What’s wrong, Little Buddy, are you hungee?”). How freaking cute is that?

•The laundry, it is ENDLESS. I am spending more time sorting through dirty clothes than I am sleeping.

•When Oliver is upset (fussy, not full on bawling; in that case, nothing but the boob will cure him), and I can’t get to him immediately, Ethan will rush over to him to “rescue” him. Usually this involves singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to him, then giggling and saying, “You like that song, Little Buddy?” He will then announce to the room: “I make Oliver happy.” And it’s true; he entertains him for a few minutes and 9 times out of 10, Oliver is full of smiles by the time I get to him.

•I’m (re)learning Spanish while I nurse. “Él no es mujer. Es hombre.” See?

•Watch American Idol? That’s okay, you don’t have to admit to it. I may or may not watch it too, and I may or may not have seen last night’s results show in which every single female contestant sobbed her eyes out over the loss of two of the worst (although Joanne was not as bad as two or three of the others, whose names I don’t remember; they are all blonde and I can’t tell them apart) singers, who had no doubt become their BFFs in the couple of weeks they’d been in competition together. VOMIT. It was so fake and disgusting that I may or may not have almost had to vow never to watch the show again. For the 17th time.

•Ethan made cookies today. (And how much brighter is my world now that I can say “Hey, why don’t you go bake some cookies?” to my toddler? SO MUCH.) (He doesn’t do the actual ‘baking’ part, don’t worry; just all the prep. Which is good enough for me.) They were yummy. Here’s the toddler-friendly recipe we used:

3 C oats

1 1/2 C brown sugar

1 1/2 C flour

1 1/2 C butter

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1 C peanut butter chips (optional)

(We halved the recipe and it made about two dozen, minus the amount Ethan shoved in his dough hole before they could reach the oven.) (It’s ok- no eggs!)

Dump all ingredients in a bowl. Mash it, smash it, and mush it up real good WITH YOUR HANDS. (Fun for ANY kid, except mine, who hates to get dirty.) Shape into something resembling a ball, or a monster if you’re Ethan, and bake at 350° for 10 to 12 minutes. Sneak three into your own dough hole while you tell your kid they are still “cooling” and that he’ll have to wait till after lunch. Then eat three more with the kid after you’ve finished your pb&j. He will beam proudly when you tell him after every bite how good the cookies HE baked are.




5 responses

22 02 2008

I love your babies. They are SO BROTHERS already.

Also, I like the look of that cookie recipe. Any recipe that has three sticks of butter is my BFF.

22 02 2008

You made a lot of sense on Thursday! I was very impressed with how smooth you are with two kids. It is tricky and you did it well!

23 02 2008
ethans oma

My grandsons are SOOOOO adorable !!! Also, I thought the first ingredient in your cookies was 3 coats !!! not 3 cups oats, so l thought it was just a joke, then l put my glasses on and, well, don’t get old is all I’m saying.

24 02 2008

I wanted to reply to your comment on my page, but I don’t have your email and stupid blogger won’t let me reply. So:

1) I am glad you said what you said – even though you had a tough time, it helps solidify what I already thought and will help me immensely.

2) I need your email!

3) Here is the link to the post with the recipe: http://www.diaryofamodernmatriarch.com/2008/01/i-have-proof.html

25 02 2008
Kay Green, Child Safety Mom

I will try out that recipe with my daughter. Thanks for sharing.

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