Evolution of a brother

18 02 2008

Ethan, in the first few days after Oliver came home from the hospital, while cuddling his new baby brother: “Don’t cry, Oliver. It’s okay, don’t cry.”

Ethan, in the following few weeks, usually while standing right next to Oliver, looking at him mostly suspiciously, but also somewhat bothered: “Mommy! Oliver’s crying!”

Ethan, about a month after Oliver’s birth, while 2 inches from Oliver’s face: “STOP CRYING, OLIVER!”

Ethan, today, EXACTLY- and by no coincidence, my friends- an arm’s length away from defenseless Oliver: “Cry, Oliver. Cry. I want Oliver to cry.”

Um. They’ll like each other when they’re older. I’m sure of it.




One response

21 02 2008
ethans oma

They will LOVE each other, just wait and see…as soon as Ethan teaches Oliver how to run and get the baseball ( or whatever ) after Ethan hits it, they’ll be just fine !

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