So… tired…

15 02 2008

Common advice when you have a baby is that you “sleep when the baby sleeps.”

Question: If you also have a 2.5 year old in addition to your new baby, WHEN THE HELL DO YOU SLEEP?


Or do the laundry, for that matter?



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16 02 2008

In my experience, 95% of baby advice only applies to the first baby. It is especially irritating to hear it from a doctor who is looking right at me and can SEE how many children I have.

16 02 2008

You realize you’re doing nothing to assuage my fears of having the same children?

AND I go back to work 6 weeks after SPD is born. Gah-reat!

16 02 2008

Swistle: I am having such a hard time with two; how on earth do YOU find the time to sleep with five?

AndreAnna: I know! I’m sorry! There are TONS of great things that make up for the challenges of having a two year old and a toddler, though. Like seeing your toddler cuddle his baby brother while saying “I love you so much!” or hearing him call the new baby “Little Buddy” which apparently is his nickname for him, that he came up with all on his own. TOTALLY makes up for how incredibly tired you are going to be. I just tend to talk more about the challenges than the ooshy gooshy good stuff, that’s all. You will do just fine, don’t worry!

16 02 2008

“My buddy… My buddy… My buddy and me!”

16 02 2008

Ian: Lol! Remember the girl version? “Kid sister… Kid sister… Kid sister and me!”

That’s gonna be stuck in my head FOR DAYS!

17 02 2008

“Kid sister” almost immediately popped into my mind.

18 02 2008

poor you!

22 02 2008

Sleep, what is that??? LOL.

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