Getting through the day

11 02 2008

Ethan decided, about two weeks after the arrival of his little brother, that 5:30am was a great wake-up time (this from the kid who previously rose no earlier than 7:30 or 8). Given that I’ve usually only managed to sneak in about 4 hours of sleep before he comes into our room to drag me out of bed, my days (spent wracking my brain for Ways to Entertain a Toddler While Nursing Your Infant) (and let me tell you, jumping on the bed is NOT one of those ways) (in fact, we’re pretty much limited to learning to tie our shoes) lately seem endless.

Here are some of the things helping me to make it to the end of each endless day:

Vitamin Water. Particularly the XXX flavor. Delicious and addicting.  So addicting, in fact, that Jeff and I have had Arguments over the last one in the fridge.  That good.

Nipple shields (like little nipple-shaped, pain-eliminating miracles!) and Tough Titties, which Jeff put in my Christmas stocking this year. Wish I’d had them with kid #1.

My new Mac. So far I haven’t put it to work to the best of its abilities (Spaces confuses my simple mind). But I’m slowly catching on. Plus it’s so pretty and clean and small compared to that old hunka junk I was using.

American Idol. I’ve sworn off this show the past three seasons, but I just can’t give it up, no matter how hard I try. Plus it makes for a great time-waster while I sit around nursing.  (Jeff downloads them for me and I watch them at my convenience.)

Coffee. I’ve never been a coffee drinker; always liked it, but rarely ever drank it. Until a couple of weeks ago, while I lay in a coma on the couch at 5am and Ethan was attempting to pick up Oliver and use him as a basketball, and I realized I’d need some help digging my brain out from in between the couch cushions. Any flavor’ll do. Just give me my caffeine.

Pesto grilled cheese sandwich. I kind of consider myself a grilled cheese aficionado (for the best grilled cheese, go to The Pub in Gettysburg, PA; Hooters makes a close second) and this one is a recipe of my own creation:

You need some thick-sliced, fresh bakery bread. Slap some mayo on both pieces in lieu of butter (so it doesn’t stick to the pan). Spread one piece of bread with pesto (don’t be stingy, more=better when it comes to pesto), then layer it with mozzarella, Parmesan, fresh tomatoes (sun dried ones are good, too), and lotsa garlic (again, you want to be generous). Then grill. Then eat and die and know that it’s ok, because you ate this (immensely fattening) Sandwich of Bliss first.



3 responses

12 02 2008
ethans oma

that sandwich sounds SOOO good, I’m gonna have to go off my diet and try it. sounds a bit like my beloved Carbur’s sandwich……might have to have one of those, too. hmmmmm, i think i might be absent for my next weigh-in…

12 02 2008

I love vitamin water! When they go on sale at Target for $1, we stock up and the people at the counter look at us like crackwhores. LOL.

I like the Energy flavor.

12 02 2008

Welcome to the cult of Macs…Steve Jobs and I are both so proud. I am currently going crazy because I had a “tiny” computer accident, resulting in NO HOME COMPUTER…and I am waiting anxiously for the new MacBook Pros to be released (any day now…)

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