Excuses, excuses

10 02 2008

Without a gate on his door when he naps anymore, Ethan has newfound freedom.  Once we’ve left the room, with strict warnings that he stay in his bed, what’s to stop him from getting up and roaming around?  Nothing.  And thus, nap time has become a long, drawn-out performance in which Ethan repeatedly comes out of his room to find me and tell me, in a hundred different and creative ways, why exactly he cannot stay in his bed, as instructed.  Here is just one naptimes’ worth of excuses, in order:

“I have to go potty.”

“I’m all done napping.”

“I pooped.”

“I need something!” “What do you need?”  “Debbie!”

“I have snot in my nose. Blow it.”

“I need more water.”

“I spilled my water all over my bed! Its everywhere!”

“Where did me buy this dog/car/camera/shirt/etc.?”

“I have nothing to do.”

“Let’s go to Daddy’s work!”

“Where’s Target?”

“I need something!” “What do you need this time?”  “A hug.”

NICE TRY.  He’s clever, he is.



One response

13 03 2009
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