A comparison

30 01 2008

They say that the second child gets gipped: less new clothes (less new anything, for that matter), thanks to the ever-popular hand-me-down; less attention; less pictures taken of them. I don’t remember ever putting the camera down when Ethan was born; we have literally thousands of pictures of him that span the first year of his life. I know that this is not uncommon these days, as we live in the age of the digital camera. We can snap away to our hearts’ content and never stop, since there is no need to stress over the pressure of having only 3 pictures left on a roll of film- better make them good ones! (And that is precisely the reason why we end up with 100 pictures of our newborns sleeping. All taken during one nap. Because, why not?)

I was determined not to have my second child grow up and wonder why there were a bajillion pictures of his brother as a baby and only 53 of him. Just because I know the real reason is something logical, like the intense fatigue that renders you too tired to do the laundry, let alone whip out the old camera for a photo session… or that maybe having two kids means someone has probably broken your camera by now and you won’t get around to replacing it for a few years because you’re too busy feeding people all the time, and changing their diapers, and then feeding them some more, just so you can change MORE diapers… Ahem. Just because I know that, does not mean that Kid the Second is not going to conclude we just liked Kid the First better.

So leading up to Oliver’s delivery, I kept it in the back of my mind, my vow to do this one simple thing for my son. Because there was no escaping hand-me-downs, at least I could give him this. Since his birth, I have made a conscious effort to get out the camera a couple of times and take some pictures. But despite my efforts, I was sure that we hadn’t taken nearly as many of him as we did of Ethan.

I decided to find out for sure and went back through our archive of photos and compared the pictures taken during Ethan’s first month of life to those taken during Oliver’s. I was suprised by what I found:

Total number of pictures taken during Ethan’s first month: 215

Total number of pictures taken during Oliver’s first month: 350

Of the 215 during Ethan’s first month, the number of pictures that were of him: 188

Of the 350 during Oliver’s first month, the number of pictures that were of him: 210

Of the 350 during Oliver’s first month, the number of pictures that were of Ethan: 61

Of the 350 during Oliver’s first month, the number of pictures of both boys: 54

(Also, it is interesting to note (but of no relevance other than my own amusement) that of the 215 taken during Ethan’s first month, 4 were of the XBox.)

So here’s what it looks like, percentage-wise: During his first 30 days, 87% of the pictures we took were of Ethan, whereas during his first 30 days, 60% of the pictures we took were Oliver. So we’ve actually snapped more photos of Oliver than we did of Ethan in those first four weeks, even though we’ve taken less of Oliver than of Ethan, if you go by the percentage. This is obviously because before we had kids, we only ever used the camera for special events, really; as time goes by, we use it almost daily, capturing the firsts and holidays as well as random, mundane things (like, for example, the Xbox, or what I made for dinner last night, or whatever happens to strike me as photo-worthy at the moment). In fact, the number of pictures we take has steadily increased each month since Ethan was born.

But while the total number of pictures we take each month continues to go up, the number of photos that are of Ethan has dramatically decreased, from 188 in his first month to only 61 last month. And that’s only because I realized that in my effort not to shortchange Oliver in the picture department, I was inadvertently doing just that to Ethan, and had to adjust my focus from Oliver to him; I just can’t win, is pretty much what I’ve concluded from this little analysis.

I will probably do this same thing when a year has gone by to see where we’re at. That is, if I haven’t changed my address by then, thanks to a sheer lack of sleep and the inability to function any longer.


Ethan at about two weeks


Oliver at about two weeks



6 responses

30 01 2008
ethans oma

The lack of sleep is getting to you, honey….

30 01 2008

They look like the same baby! Insane.

And yes, I agree with your mom.

30 01 2008
ethans oma

There was supposed to be a smiley face after my comment !! 😉

31 01 2008

OMG!!! They look identical…and beautiful too!

31 01 2008

We felt the same way, but have given up on trying to equal out the pix. Nowadays, I’m lucky if the camera battery is charged! Luckily, the first was a girl and second is a boy, and I don’t think boys care about that stuff like a girl would. 🙂

3 02 2008

I think I’ll be snapping more pictures of the second than I did with my first. I have a much cooler camera now! 😛

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