Everything is Debbie

29 01 2008

The calendar we had hanging in our kitchen last year was a Superman one; each month featured old school artwork from Superman comics. September’s picture was Superman, flying through the air with a hot blond he’d just saved from certain doom, and you can tell from the chick’s face that Superman has totally just asked her if it hurt, when she fell from heaven.

From Ethan’s seat at the kitchen table, he had a clear view of the calendar, and in between dipping his french fries in his milk and testing the safety of his booster seat, he spends his time thinking of ways to avoid having to actually eat any food. One such strategy involved pointing at the calendar and talking about Superman- telling us that Superman wears a cape, and that he flies, and that he is not Batman, and singing/humming Superman’s theme song.

One night in September while we were eating and Ethan was not, he pointed at the calendar and the picture of Superman and the woman and said, “It’s Superman! And Debbie!” I still to this day have no clue where he got that from; I never called her Debbie. He doesn’t know any Debbies (well, just one; but as far as he knows, she is just “Grammie”).

Ever since then, EVERYTHING is Debbie. When he is getting dressed, it’s “I put on Debbie pants!” You ask him what he wants to eat, and he answers “Debbie snacks!” The other day I said, “Hey, Ethan- say something funny.” I didn’t think he’d even answer, but he did: “DEBBIE!”

Tonight at dinner, as a testament to the embarrassing amount of TV I let him watch, Ethan was reciting a commercial for some Lego toy, where the kid playing with the pirate ship says something like “Raise the gate! Watch out- a wall! Let’s go to the castle!” (He says this while “driving” whatever food he’s eating around his plate.)

Ethan: Raise the gate, Debbies! Watch out- a wall! Let’s go Debbies, to the castle!

Me to Jeff, after we stopped laughing: Today he said, “All aboard the Debbie train!”

Jeff: (laughing) Is that an homage to “Debbie Does Dallas”?

Me: Um, I wouldn’t say that, he repeats everything we say…

Ethan: Debbie debbie dolls.

Me: YES. Yes, that is EXACTLY what Daddy said.

Close one.


Also, an update: Ethan and I were enjoying playing cars on the floor the other day (there were a few months there where the size of the belly prevented me from playing on the floor with him) (at least while no one else was home) (and there were no cranes in the vicinity), and remember how he was doing that weird lining up thing with his cars? He hadn’t done it for a few months, until now. Only now he’s taken it to an entirely different, yet just as bizarre, level:


Once again, I’m slightly worried/creeped out. I wonder if the mysterious Debbie tells him to do this?



5 responses

29 01 2008

As long as the neighborhood pets are all accounted for, I wouldn’t worry.

Kids are quirky.

I bet he starts blaming Debbie for when he pulls his brothers hair. 🙂

29 01 2008
ethans oma

Could it have anything to do with the tremendous number of Little Debbie Snack Cakes consumed in your home ??? just kidding !

29 01 2008

I think it means he has an orderly, mathematical mind. At least, that’s what Debbie tells me.

29 01 2008

I think Ethan has a bright future as a parallel parker. Perhaps with Debbie by his side.

30 01 2008

I can’t find it right now, but my sister took a picture of a parking lot in Istanbul, Turkey that looked almost exactly like Ethan’s parking lot – just imagine it being a closed space with the cars pulled to the borders. She said it was a pretty common sight and quite like watching a game of tetris when someone wanted out.

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