27 01 2008

I am finding that if I just don’t go to bed at all, there is no more waking for middle of the night feedings. I wonder just how long I can go with no sleep?



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27 01 2008

I found that if I slept in the recliner, it was easier to wake up. Also, I could doze back off while I was nursing.

27 01 2008
ethans oma

If you drift off to sleep gazing at your 2008 FDNY HUNKS calendar that I’m sending, will that help ?

27 01 2008

There is a technique that was discussed on the internet somewhat recently… hyperstatic?

Basically, you sleep for 20 minutes every 4 hours. Its an absolute thing, though. You MUST sleep every 4 hours for 20 minutes only. Apparently, after the first terrible week, you’ll be just fine. You’ll lay down for your 20 minute sleep and you’ll go straight into REM sleep.

Ummm… or the recliner thing. 🙂

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