18 01 2008

I don’t know why I bother putting my shirt back on.

Oliver is three weeks old, and you know what that means: marathon feeding sessions. And that means I have very limited time to write. (Or eat my lunch. Or pee. Or do anything, for that matter, that does not involve my chest.) But while I’ve got two seconds to spare, here’s an idea of what things have been like the past couple weeks around the Adams’ household:

*Oliver has peed on me, like, a hundred times. He has not peed on Jeff at all, ever.

*As we expected, Ethan’s potty usage has suffered since the arrival of his little brother. I asked him why he doesn’t want to use the potty anymore, and he said that he was scared. “Of what?” I asked. “The blue seat,” was his response. I’m not sure what that’s all about. But can I just say how bizarre it is to go from changing the tissue-sized diaper of a newborn to the blanket-sized diaper of a two and a half year old? Oliver’s tinyness makes it feel like when I’m changing Ethan, I’m changing the diapers of a small old man.

*Ethan keeps trying to feed Oliver snacks and juice. I guess I should just be happy that he’s so willing to share.

*These toes. Oh, these toes. Despite the weirdness of one them (3rd from the left) appearing as though it was added as an afterthought, and oops! it doesn’t quite fit in there!, despite that, I can’t help but gobble them up daily.


*At three weeks postpartum, I have so far lost 17 of the 25 pounds I gained with Oliver. I feel really good about that (and even better about the fact that I haven’t actually had to do anything to get to this point), but it’s not the numbers that get to me. It’s the shape. I could stay at the weight I’m at right now and not be bothered by it. But I’m a different shape than I was before, and even if I lose the rest of the weight I don’t think the shape is going to change much. This new wider, lumpier me doesn’t fit into a single pair of my pre-preg pants, and that, combined with the fact that none of my maternity pants fit, either, would result in a half naked Caley, EXCEPT for the fact that I’m ALREADY half naked- I have a three week old who won’t stop nursing, remember? And what that means is that I just no longer wear any clothes at all. Whole naked, not half naked. And that is enough to bring on the hormonal tears yet again, my friends.

(Oliver is awake and crying now. Has it really been 20 minutes already?)

*If I didn’t own a Bella Band, then I would be going out in public (the two times I’ve actually ventured out, that is) sporting my new ‘whole naked’ look. Luckily (after a brief scare in which I thought I’d lost it, or more accurately, accidentally thrown it away), the Bella Band has been the only reason I’ve been able to leave the house. However, if you own one of these miraculous little life savers, let me just remind you of something: always check to make sure that you are, in fact, still wearing the Band after you’ve been sitting down for awhile. Otherwise you’ll walk into the post office with your unbuttoned pants stretched tight across you hips and a big open gap revealing all your beautiful stretch marks and the top of your underwear, the Bella Band all scrunched up around your middle. MORTIFYING. Not that I know this from like, personal experience or anything.

*Oliver can hold his head up on his own for really long stretches of time. You have no idea how creepy it is to look over and see a three week old, holding up his giant head all by himself, STARING YOU DOWN.

*This week I got to experience my very fist day home alone with both boys. I’d been dreading it, but it actually went fine. Not only was everyone dressed before noon, and not only did I manage to snag a quick shower, but Ethan and I baked cupcakes and made sock puppets. How’s that for productive? It doesn’t matter that Ethan missed the point of sock puppets and glued his eyes and pom poms and buttons to the cuff of the sock, thereby creating a very well-dressed yet faceless puppet. Or that he had a meltdown when I only allowed him to eat one of the mini cupcakes, not “da BIIIG one!” Or even that he stuck his finger in Oliver’s mouth and turned around and told me that Oliver was trying to eat him. What matters is that NO ONE PERISHED.

*I miss sleeping. I thought I missed sleeping before, when Ethan was an only child, but apparently I was also Dumb before. Because now I really, really miss closing my eyes and lying still.

*According to BabyCenter’s list, my boys’ names rank #2 and #100 on the popularity scale. If Oliver had been a girl, we’d have had a #2 and a #3. Take our last name into consideration as well, and we could have saved ourselves some trouble and just named them Boring and Same Old. Thank goodness for that 9 month long argument that resulted in #100, huh? Although I’m going to make a prediction right now that it’s only going to make its way up the list as the years go by; it’s a pretty cool name. Even though there are virtually NO NICKNAMES to be made from it, other than Ollie. Which, at this stage, he is not. An ‘Ollie’, that is. Aren’t Ollie’s mischievous older children who ride skateboards and curse?

*I woke myself up talking in my sleep last night. This is what I was saying: “ETHAN. Get out of the baby’s face. NOW.” I say this when I’m awake throughout the day 7 million thousand times. (I think that Ethan, too, is obsessed with gobbling up the baby, only NOT IN THE PRETEND WAY.)




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18 01 2008

You make good cases for breastfeeding – 17 pounds in three weeks? Sign me up?

But having a baby attached to me ALL DAY LONG? Notsomuch.

I tried to nurse Charlotte and she never latched, despite doulas, LLL, and everyone and their mother trying to help. I pumped every two hours but only got a few ounces a day.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to try this next time. I’m not sure I can handle what happened last time, or being fed from constantly when I have a toddler underfoot. Then again, I know the benefits both to me and the baby.

Aahh, this was not supposed to be about me! LOL

I love the toes picture, even if there is a rogue. 🙂

18 01 2008

“Aren’t Ollie’s mischievous older children who ride skateboards and curse?”

funny you said that, ollie is actually a skateboarding trick. of course, maybe you’ve heard that before and that’s why you associate the name with skateboarding. either way, i’m fine with having a skater son!

18 01 2008

Baby Center’s list is a total sham, just based on survey results or whatevs. The REAL list (Social Security Administration, based on birth certificates) comes out in May. It’s the MOST wonderful time! of the year!

Those babies! Are so cute!

18 01 2008

We have so much in common. I think the only words my daughter hears (or doesn’t hear since I tell her over & over again) are “Get out of the baby’s face!!!”

Side note… I have yet to be peed on, while my husband got it 2x while we were still at the hospital. Mommy 0, Daddy 2.

19 01 2008

While our Olivia was still in the oven, we took to calling her Olive. Not exactly a common or endearing nickname, but a nickname that still pops up from time to time between us.

It’ll be rough, though, when she grows up tall and skinny… and her daddy buys her long tube socks and a black skirt! Luckily for her, her hair is quite likely not going to be black.

19 01 2008

Too funny about the shirt. Agree.100.percent. on that. In 2003 I had the most popular girl and boy names, Ethan and Emma. I sound like a broken record with Ava, she’s always in Nolans face.

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