Number crunch

28 12 2007

Here’s what life has been like, in numbers, since giving birth 4 days ago…

26: The number of times I’ve cried. For no reason.

6: The number of turkey sandwiches I’ve consumed since giving birth. (I missed my forbidden deli meats.) (And also, 4 of the 6 were in the same day. I’m not making that up.) (EW, right? I know.)

1: Number of times Jeff has made me a brown bag lunch, complete with a Christmas cookie that says “Bite me“.

3: Number of pairs of gifreakingnormous mesh underwear the “nice” hospital in Maryland gave me after I had Ethan.

15: Number of pairs of gifreakingnormous mesh underwear the “yucky” military hospital gave me after having Oliver. Also, if you are in need of some really big, really ugly mesh underwear, I’ve got a few extra pairs lying around that I’m willing to let go CHEAP.

1: Number of times Ethan has said “I want the baby go back in Mommy belly again. All done baby.” I’m afraid that wasn’t the last time, either…

5: Number of times I’ve called Ethan Oliver and Oliver Ethan.

10: Number of times I pushed before I was told to “STOP!” while the doctor hurried in to catch the kid who was all of a sudden half out.

3: The number of times I feared for my life, thanks to accidentally catching the shifty eyes of this guy on the back of the menu at the hospital.

1: The number of times that a doctor trying to break my water has made this remark: “Huh… tough bag.” I found it hilarious and will always remember it when I think of Oliver’s birth.

At least 3: Number of times I’ve wondered why on Earth I thought I could handle two…

0: Number of times I would like to be awoken by a doctor at 5am to discuss birth control options.

2: Number of times I have actually been awoken by a doctor at 5am to discuss birth control options.

1: (which is ONE TOO MANY): Number of times I had to scream “I CAN FEEL IT! I CAN FEEL EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING!” and “YES Iwouldlikemorenumbingmedicine PLEASE” at my anesthesiologist.

A zillion: Number of times I hope to see images like this one in the coming years.




3 responses

29 12 2007

Uncountable: Number of times I laughed.

4 01 2008

He’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations to you and your entire family!

4 01 2008

Sorry…not sure why I came up that way “alwaysknocking”….I’m from

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